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Cryosaunas produce benefits faster than ice baths

Woman undergoes cryosauna session to relieve soreness and fatigue. (Courtesy of Kelly Phipps)
Woman undergoes cryosauna session to relieve soreness and fatigue. (Courtesy of Kelly Phipps)
Woman undergoes cryosauna session to relieve soreness and fatigue. (Courtesy of Kelly Phipps)

In the past, one of the only ways to relieve overall soreness after a tough and grueling workout was to take a brave dip into a freezing ice bath for about ten minutes.

The days of forcing oneself into a cold bath might be over. Cryosaunas are high-tech machines that use liquid nitrogen gas to cool down the blood.

This cryotherapy technique may seem more appealing to both the average person and athletes, because unlike cold baths, a trip in the cryosauna generally takes about three minutes.

“This isn’t doing anything different than what an icepack or an ice bath would do. It’s just the way it does it is so much more efficient,” owner of The Phit Studio on Greenville Avenue Kelly Phipps said.

The possible health benefits from a session at a cryosauna might seem enticing. The Phit Studio boasts on its website that cryotherapy will increase performance, decrease muscle soreness, provide anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits, burn up to 600 calories a session, detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and fatigue and improve energy levels.

“I had really bad joints, knees, ankles, back, everything and it was really bothering me. I have been doing this for about two months now and it has helped a whole lot,” 28-year-old former collegiate cheerleader Lindsey Patterson said.

How does one machine provide all of these benefits? For Phipps it’s simple to explain. Cryotherapy, which includes both ice baths and cryosaunas, makes the skin temperature drop so fast that it thinks it’s hypothermic.

The blood then drains out of the body’s extremities and into its‘ core. This nutrifies and oxidizes the blood which is then released back into the body.

“If you have healthy blood then that makes everything healthy. Your nails are going to be better, your skin is going to be better, your headaches, injuries, everything is going to be better,” Phipps said.

One aspect of cryotherapy that might entice college students that are over 21 years of age is that it can cure a hangover. Phipps said that cryotherapy detoxifies everything when the blood is released back into the body.

The reason a session in a cryosauna only takes three minutes as opposed to a 10 minute cold bath is because of the liquid nitrogen.

The machine converts this into a gas that has temperatures varying from negative 220 to negative 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

This may seem extremely cold and unbearable, but Phipps said that once you get to about two and a half to three minutes into the session and begin feeling extremely cold, the session is over.

“It [would be] bad if you were in there for probably 10 or 15 minutes, but three minutes is really beneficial,” Phipps said.

These subzero temperatures might seem frightening to some people, but at The Phit Studio Phipps said that he is always in the room with his clients so if they feel uncomfortable he can help them out of the machine.

Phipps did confess that a few of his clients have passed out from breathing in the liquid nitrogen, but he said that this is a rarity and they soon wake up.

Some might look at the tightly packed machine and have a quick spout of claustrophobia. But one thing that might be good to know is that the head is always outside of the machine so clients can talk to Phipps if they start to feel nervous. The door to the cryosauna is also quite easy to open because of the magnets that hold the door in place.

The Phit Studio also provides an option to contrast the cryosauna with a Infrared Jade Sauna, or heat.

The infrared sauna on its own provides both detoxification and relaxation. This is because of how infrared light penetrates human tissue.

It then produces benefits such as lower blood pressure, anti-aging and skin purification, increased cell health, weight loss, pain relief, improved circulation and wound healing.

But when cryosaunas and infrared saunas are used in contrast they produce the same benefits as contrasting between a hot and cold bath.

Research suggests that contrasting hot and cold creates a pumping motion in the body’s muscles which reduces swelling. This is key when treating
athletic injuries.

Trained professionals like Phipps are great in understanding what specific therapies need to be done to make the body perform at its’ optimum rate.

For more information on The Phit Studio and cryotherapy visit

Benefits of CryoSaunas

– Increase performance

– Decreases muscle soreness

– Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits

– Detoxifies the body

– Improves immune system

– Reduces stress

– Reduces fatigue

– Improves energy levels

– Improves recovery from muscle injury

– Recovery time from surgery is decreased

– Increases pre-workout energy and vitality

– Anti-aging

– Decreased signs of cellulite

– Increased skin elasticity and over-all health.

– Helps improve joint disorders

– Helps fight symptoms of a hang over

– Boots metabolism

– Stronger and fuller hair

– Stronger nails

– Fewer skin blemishes

– Decreased anxiety and depression.

– Release of endorphins that can last six hours

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