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My quest to learn the musical instrument struck a chord much greater than the beautiful sound of a perfect stroke.
I decided to learn the guitar, but I walked away learning more about life
Bella Edmondson, Staff Editor • June 19, 2024

Seattle’s stingy defense will stymie Denver’s offense

Seattle Seahawks quarter back, Russell Wilson holds up the NFC Championship trophy. (Courtesy of UPI)

It’s not often that sports fans see a match-up like this one, two No. 1 seeds going at it in the Super Bowl. And if that wasn’t enough, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks are the possessors of the league’s No. 1 offense and No. 1 defense respectively.

It’s been 24 years — that’s right, 24 years — since two teams that possessed the No. 1 offense and defense made it to the Super Bowl: the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills in 1990.

In that clash, the Giants, and defense, ended up going to Disney World. In fact, in five out of six times that the league’s top units have matched up, the defense has prevailed.

Readers are probably getting a pretty good idea of where this is headed, and they’d be right.

If this were in a warmer environment, Peyton Manning’s lethal offense would probably succeed, but it’s not. This is going to be a cold environment. As in a low of 26 degrees cold.

Typically in colder matchup, teams are looking to protect the ball. Protecting the ball means running the ball, and Seattle has the far superior running back in Marshawn Lynch.

In addition, while Manning has the far superior passing stats, Russell Wilson isn’t someone that can be discounted. His mobility could very well win the game.

By mobility, I don’t mean running the ball, although that could be the case. I mean his ability to extend plays by running around.

Denver has developed a pass rush this postseason — it’s not as good as Seattle’s, but it’s been enough to help Denver reach the Super Bowl. With that, Wilson will have to be able to improvise, something he has been fantastic at this season.

Finally, the special teams will have a significant impact on this game, specifically the punting game.

The Seahawks were second in the league in average punt return with 3.9, and the Broncos aren’t a team that threatens to run it back. They ranked 22nd in the league in return average with 7.8 yards.

Seattle will have every punt they send to Denver covered, thus leaving Denver at the spot to which Seattle punts.

In addition, Denver ranked 22nd in opponent punt return average, while Seattle ranked 9th in punt return average. That’s where a play will happen.

It will be late in a close game, and Seattle will either be looking for a play to end it or a return to take the lead. The punt returner will take off, and will put the game away.

It will be a close game. It will be a great game. The offense of the Broncos will battle the defense of the Seahawks. In the end, though, Seattle will manage to put more points on the boards than Denver.

My prediction: Seattle will triumph over Denver, 27 to 24.

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