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Bellacures salon lands in Dallas


Since she was a little girl, Samira Far has been enchanted by the allure and luxury of the nail salon atmosphere. After hearing Barbara Streisand gush about her amazing French manicure in an interview with Oprah, Far formed the belief that to be a well put-together woman your nails had to be equally fabulous.

From then on even if a woman had a five-carat diamond hanging from her finger or a Birkin tucked in her elbow, yet her manicure wasn’t up to par, Far couldn’t see her as “put-together”.

So began a life of manicured fascination, and after 10 years of being the client, Far has decided to become the disher of her own addiction.

We have all been to the hole in the wall nail salons – the ones with the rickety massage chairs and the attendees we swear are talking about us even though we are sitting right in front of them.

Although the swirling whirlpool you may be used to soaking your feet in might feel nice, what you don’t know is that it is actually a festering pool of germs and bacteria. Research has shown that all the hair, skin and bacteria that ends up in those baths can lead to a scary experience for you feet, especially when it comes to horrifyingly dangerous infections.

Even more appalling are the tools that are used. Salons have become careless with their sterilization procedures, most skipping the necessary steps to keep their utensils suitable for the next customer.

From her many years of attending these sub par salons, Far recognized the need from some serious change in the mani-pedi industry. So, leaving her corporate position behind, she decided to open a storefront for the nail-conscious just like her, and so Bellacures was born.

If you break it down, Bellacures means “beautiful restoration,” and when it comes to your nails, what could be better? So, what is involved in the “beautiful restoration” you may ask?

First, Bellacures is dedicated to top of the line sterilization practices. The salon autoclaves all of their tools and equipment, which is the same process of sterilization used by dentists and in hospitals, and to go even further, then places the tools in a sterilization pouch.

The uber clean salon has also done away with the traditional spa chairs. In their place, you can sit back and relax in their plush, cushioned couch chairs, optimal to lie back in after a long day.

Also in line with their hygienic initiative, Bellacures has banished the bacteria harboring whirlpool baths and replaced them with tranquil soaking foot pools. To make sure each client is getting the highest level of cleanliness, each pool is equipped with a removable seal so clients can rest with a peace of mind that they will not be coming in contact with any kind of bacteria.

To top off their long list of cleanliness procedure, the atmosphere is another aspect of the experience that is Bellacures specific.

Breaking away from the cluttered, hectic scene of the regular salons, Bellacures focuses more on relaxation and rejuvenation. The nail technicians are fantastic at what they do, offering you a consistent outcome every visit. The luxuriously comfortable chairs are spaced out so that you are not on top of your fellow attendees. And the normally busy bustling atmosphere of a run-of-the-mill salon is instead a space perfect for peaceful relaxation.

Thirsting for a mani-pedi yet? Thankfully, the brilliant minds behind Bellacures recognized our Texas city as a new premiere location for their upscale salon experience.

“Dallas is the perfect city for Bellacures,” founder Samira Far said in a recent interview. “Dallas residents are stylish, classy and have high standards for their lifestyle that fit perfectly in line with the Bellacures’ philosophy.”

So after hearing a serious amount of buzz about this new addition to the Preston Center area, I had to give it a try. Thankfully, between battling midterms and in anticipation for jetting off to New York City for Fall Break, the present moment seemed perfect.

As an avid nail bitter – especially given the stress of midterms – I go into salons with little hope of a perfect outcome. Upon walking out of Bellacures, though, I was shocked at what they were able to do.

I opted for the “Gelicure Manicure” and the “Scrub-a-Dub Pedicure.” The manicure featured intense filing and shaping, as well impressive cuticle trimcare, followed by an oil treatment. By the end of the relaxing thirty minutes, my cuticles were perfectly conditioned and my stumpy nails were filed flawlessly round.

The pedicure was also pure bliss. With an array of sumptuously scented lotions and sea salt scrubs, my feet were left perfectly polished and sparkling. The long massage was so soothing it made it hard not to doze off in delight.

Needless to say, I was very impressed with this new salon. The manicurist and pedicurist were incredibly skilled in transforming my nails and the whole experience was the perfect, relaxing escape from my pending nightmare exam schedule.

So if you haven’t ventured to this notable mani-pedi addition to our big city, I advise you check it out stat. Because a place as fabulous as this is going to be filling up quickly and you are not going to want to miss out on this relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

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