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Voice star chats with ‘The Daily Campus’



If you are a fan of The Voice you may recognize Melanie Martinez from her haunting rendition of “Toxic” in Season 3. Now, she’s taking the music industry by storm. The 19-year-old stopped by Dallas for a concert on Sunday, singing her hit “Dollhouse” and “Carousel,” used in an American Horror Story: Freak Show trailer. She’s not taking no for an answer and is bring her unique style to the masses.

What was your childhood fear? Fear of the dark, for sure.

What can’t you leave the house without? My bag, which is a lunchbox.

What song is always stuck in your head? “Paper Bag” by Fiona Apple and “Honey Honey” by Fiest.

What is the best makeup product that you use? For shadow, I’m in love with Sugarpill and I just go ham. I use it on my eyebrows too. And for lipsticks, Lime Crime is my favorite.

What is the favorite tattoo that you have? I like them all equally because I got them all around the same time. They’re all kind of new but I think my carousel is the best for sure.

If you weren’t pursuing a singing career, what would you be doing? Probably photography. I still take pictures of myself and set up my own shoots.

You’ve been one of the biggest breakout stars from The Voice so how do you think it prepared you for all of the attention you’re getting now? When I was on The Voice, I wasn’t used to singing in front of people, being on television and a small amount of time to do things. I’m just much better under pressure now and able to stay busy without being crazy frustrated. I’m definitely grateful I got to learn a lot from that experience.

The “Dollhouse” video has over 9 million views. Did you ever expect it to get that big? I did not. At all. I kind of just really wanted to show people what I was seeing in my head when I’m writing my songs. It’s really cool how people are liking and responding to it.

What is your favorite part of being able to express yourself through music on such a public scale? My favorite thing is being able to share my story and have fun with it, going different ways to say things that may have been said before but that I can change up. I also love preforming live, it’s my favorite thing ever.

Has there been a moment when you’ve realized that this is it, that you’ve made it? No. I feel like that really never happens because people have goals and they keep trying to reach them. That’s how they have long-lasting careers because they are always trying to one up themselves. And I don’t think it will ever hit me. I don’t want it to.

Your song “Carousel” was featured in the extended trailer for American Horror Story. What does that mean to you and how do you think your aesthetic fits into the personality of the show? I was really excited when I found out. That’s my favorite show and I’m just obsessed. It’s the only show I will actually sit down and watch every Wednesday. This season is definitely my favorite so far and it’s really sick. Maybe I’m biased but I think it’s super interesting and looks like they worked so hard on this season.

If you could go back and talk to yourself right before you went on The Voice, what would you say? Not to take it to seriously. Not to think that it’s your only thing it life. Honestly, it’s not a career path. Going on, or any signing show for that matter, doesn’t mean that that’s going to be your life. You’re only there for a short amount of time, so you take what it gets you, which is exposure, and then get the hell out of there and do your own thing. No one should ever be bummed that they don’t win or that they don’t make it to the finale. It’s not the end of the world.

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