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Lafayette 148 New York shows latest collection in Plano

Neiman Marcus Willow Bend presented the Fall/Winter 2016 collection from Lafayette 148 New York Aug. 20 at the brand’s new store shop.

“We had a little shop here, but it was time to make a statement, you know about who we are, what we stand for and the look that we’re looking for in each of our shops. This shop is basically a representation of what we want all of our shops to look like,” said Edward Wilkerson, Creative Director at Lafayette 148. “Creating an ambiance is key. It’s like creating a collection, the two work together. So making a statement and having a home of our own within the Neiman Marcus stores is really important to us.”

New Lafayette 148 New York shop at Neiman Marcus Willow Bend. Photo credit: India Pougher

Wilkerson and Neiman Marcus buyer, Olivia Metzger, presented the collection and discussed the make and inspiration behind each piece. The collection, a “Nod to the ’70s,” included items like wide brim hats, tall boots, cardigans, longer skirts, wide leg pants, long vests, statement coats and turtlenecks.

“The turtleneck is the new bodysuit,” Wilkerson said.

Materials ranged from knit fabrics and suede, to shearling and faux fur, which Metzger explained will now be referred to as “modern fur.” Wilkerson’s ’70s inspiration came from looking toward past trends and bringing them up-to-date for the modern woman.

Model wears '70s inspired vest and snood. Photo credit: Victoria Serrano

“When designers go back in time to create, we’re taking what was relevant then, like patchwork [and] like the long cardigan sweaters, the longer skirts – it was about attitude and throwing clothes together in more of an eclectic way – but we’re in [Fall/Winter] 2016 and we have to make it relevant for today. So we’re giving a nod to the past looking forward to the future,” Wilkerson said.

With a color palette of browns, greens, black, white, gray and amethyst, and trends like patchwork and pleats, the collection not only evokes ’70s glamour, but also the ease of ready-to-wear for every woman’s closet.

“I point out items within the collection, like the patchwork skirt, because that’s a very personal piece, and it’s what you do with it that makes it become your personality,” Wilkerson said.

Fall/Winter 2016 looks on display at Neiman Marcus' Lafayette 148 shop. Photo credit: India Pougher

Metzger believes the trends seen in Wilkerson’s collection are a perfect fit for the Neiman Marcus customer.

“I feel like there’s so many luxe elements, there’s the haircalf, there’s the shearling in three different colors, there’s sequins for day. There’s just this little touch of elegance and luxuriousness that I don’t feel like we’ve had this much of in the collection before,” Metzger said.

After the show, Wilkerson interacted with clients and styled shoppers in the shop, pointing out pieces and explaining their role within the collection. He hopes that the Lafayette 148 brand will speak to women of all ages and lifestyles.

“What makes fashion modern today is giving it your personality and giving it your own stamp. And that’s why I like to create the collection around items and key pieces, because if it’s not a head to toe look it’s more eclectic,” Wilkerson said.

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