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Lululemon and lager: A match made in heaven?

Lululemon’s “Curiosity Lager.” (Courtesy of NY Post)

Lululemon has been leader of the pack when it comes to yoga pants for the past decade, so now the athletic apparel company is taking on a new project, or rather, an unexpected product. Curious? In an effort to attract more men to their high-end athleisure wear, Lululemon introduced its own “Curiosity Lager” earlier this month.


The libation, which features hints of lemon drop (of course) and Chinook hops, received a limited edition run of 88,000 cans starting on August 15. The “crisp, cold beer” comes in a 500 ml slender can – which features Pacific Northwest motifs such as a totem pole, suspension bridge, evergreen trees, mountains and water by graphic designer Karston Smith – and contains 4.6 percent alcohol.

However, U.S. yogis might be disappointed to learn that the craft beer is being sold exclusively in Canadian liquor stores. Vancouver has forever been Lululemon’s home base and the company combined with local business Stanley Park Brewing for the new brew.

Meet Curiosity Lager. The official brew of #SeaWheeze, coming soon to a party near you. (can creative by @kdvsmith)

A photo posted by lululemon (@lululemon) on Jul 15, 2015 at 4:27pm PDT

In a recent CBC News article, Stanley Park Brewing explained why Lululemon chose “calorie-filled beer” over “say, green tea” to offer its yoga enthusiasts.

“Just because you’re a yogi, doesn’t mean you won’t have an occasion for beer, and we’re certainly interested in talking to that crowd,” said Doug Devlin, director of marketing for Stanley Park Brewing. Adding, “I think Lululemon, by extension, is interested in talking to a more male beer-drinking crowd.”

And men thought Lululemon couldn’t become even more bro-friendly after the hugely successful Anti-Ball Crushing pants. Soon all fraternities will be turned into Lululemon-loving yoga converts.

This is the second time Lululemon and Stanley Park Brewing have partnered to bring the athletic wear company’s mantra of “” to life. The first was a wheat beer called “Sunset Strawberry Wit” that was created solely for the Sunset Festival, Lululemon’s Seawheeze Half Marathon after-party, last August.

Travis McKenzie, global events manager at Lululemon and the man behind this post-workout beer, recently stated the company is looking to move into the liquor business “one day (and can) at a time.”

But don’t go planning a yoga retreat in the Great White North for fall break, because the “Curiosity Lager” is only available while supplies last. McKenzie also said, “This collaboration is a limited release for 2015, but you never know what we’ll be ‘cheers-ing’ to in 2016.”

Cheers to that.

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