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Young Americans for Freedom brings Rafael Cruz to campus


Rafael Cruz, Sen. Ted Cruz’s father, visited campus Thursday night in an event sponsored by Young Americans for Freedom.

Rafael Cruz is a reverend, professor and business leader. He grew up in Cuba and fled in 1957 to escape the country’s oppressive regime.

“When I lost my freedom in Cuba, I had a place to go to,” Cruz said. “If we lose our freedom here, we have no place to go.”

Cruz said one of his proudest moments was seeing his son sworn in as a United States senator.

“I came here with no money and I didn’t know the language,” he said. “The greatest thing about the American dream is that with hard work and perseverance, anything can happen.”

Cruz also urged students to vote in the upcoming elections.

“There’s an awesome responsibility for us to elect righteous leaders,” he said. “We are so privileged to live in a constitutional republic.”

But he told students not to wait until November 2016 to vote.

“The battle is the primary,” Cruz said. “Because if we elect a moderate, we will lose.”

He also warned against the dangers of a large federal government.

“With a bigger government, higher taxes, and more regulation, there’s less freedom,” Cruz said.

Sophomore PR and Marketing major McKenzie May said the event was intriguing.

“It was cool to have such a big name on campus,” May said. “With Ted Cruz in the media, it’s interesting to see his father and hear is views.”

According to Grant Wolf, president of Young Americans for Freedom, the tagline of the night’s event was: “What’s right with America.”

“We hear so much negativity about our country, it’s good to hear what’s right about it too,” Wolf said.

Cruz closed his speech with an allegory about an eagle that fell from its nest and grew up thinking it was a turkey instead.

“Freedom is the greatest privilege we have in America,” he told the audience. “You are an eagle and as an eagle, you are destined to soar on high,”

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