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Alpha Chi Omega and Beta Upsilon Chi snag Sing Song success

Alpha Chi Omega and Beta Upsilon Chi won the 2017 Sing Song competition with their rendition of “The Office” on Friday, April 7.

The 29th annual event hosted in McFarlin Auditorium brings healthy competition to campus, with 10 organizations battling for the crown this year.

The Program Council sponsored event rallied a crowd of over 1,000 people eager to watch members of the student body reenact their favorite TV classics in mini-musicals.

Program Council’s Vice President of Communications Richmond Dewan’s favorite part of the event was seeing the progress each team made throughout the semester leading up to the final performance.

“It’s a great way to have friendly competition and to inspire pride within our own student organization,” Dewan said after the show. “It’s amazing to see what students can do outside of the classroom.”

Liana Krischt, associate member of Program Council agrees, saying that throughout the week leading up to the show everything looked good, but during the actual show everyone looked better than ever.

The skits were directed, written and choreographed by over 500 members of SMU’s student body.

Judges for the event included Corey Brooks, houseguest of the reality TV series “Big Brother,” Nancy Churnin, theater critic for the Dallas Morning News and Tim Jankovich, head coach of the SMU men’s basketball team.

Alpha Chi Omega co-chair for Sing Song Alexis Kopp is thrilled to have won the competition, knowing that her team’s hard work paid off. She worked along side her counter part Cydney Snyder.

“We wrote and directed the entire thing and created the stage and costumes. I mainly focused on choreography while Cydney did most of the directing,” Kopp said. “The process was a lot of fun, but a lot of work, but I made some amazing friends throughout the process.”

Aside from the win, other highlights included emcee Katie Butler singing an opera rendition of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” and Pi Beta Phi teaming up with Kappa Alpha Order to dance their hearts out to “Thriller” during their version of “The Walking Dead.”

Dewan thinks Sing Song remains a favorite student event because of the support members of various organizations can give their peers.

“There’s nothing better than getting to see your friends do something their passionate about and having fun.”

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