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SMU Journalism feature writing students create blog on Dallas Farmers Market

Indoor Market at the Dallas Farmers Market. October 2018 Photo credit: Nusaiba Mizan

SMU Journalism’s feature writing students covered the Dallas Farmers Market in October 2018. This multimedia project aimed illuminates the Dallas Farmers Market and the area surrounding it. This area has undergone dramatic change since the market began in 1941. It is now a staple in downtown Dallas. It has attracted start-up restaurants, shops and a community of apartments, lofts and townhomes.

We focused on using multimedia elements – that is pictures, videos and sound – in order to better tell the story. This, we felt, gave our story a sense of place and description that simple words alone could not convey.

Each of us made a trip to the farmers market for research before constructing a project that focused on one aspect of the market. Some focused on the farmers who sell their produce there, while others looked into the market’s history. While we were there, we took notes, shot video and took pictures.

The goal was to just use what we had rather than using expensive cameras or video equipment. Armed with just our smartphones and notebooks, we took to the farmers market and sought out the story.

The Dallas Farmers Market project is here.

Texas Honeybee Guild.JPG
Once of the farmers market vendors. The Texas Honeybee Guild sells honey at the Dallas Farmers Market Photo credit: Nusaiba Mizan

The Writers

Isabel Arcellana

Meg Bergstrom

Yani Blackburn

May Bolte

Hannah Jones

Hannah Miller

Charlie Mitelhaus

Nusaiba Mizan

Olivia Pitten

Jacob Prothro

Rachael Seidl

Chloe Smith

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