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SMU lost to TCU in Saturdays Iron Skillet game 34-17. Next years matchup is the last scheduled game in the longstanding rivalry.
SMU falls short at TCU
September 26, 2023

10 Simple & Creative Ways to Show Your College Spirit This Fall

Portrait of a cheerleeder in action

School is almost back in session and with it comes a fresh round of extracurricular activities and school spirit boosting programs.\’a0</p>\

<p>Whether you want to or not, school spirit gets whipped up around you and you cannot help but get swept along with the wave. Whether your active in the teams or societies, an avid fan at any game or school event, or a more laid back, secondary voice, it doesn’t matter.

But with the new year comes new opportunities and new ways to find and promote that university spirit.

Keep reading for 10 killer tips on how you can show your college spirit this year and be a driving voice for your college.

1. Wear Your School Colors

What better way to show off your school spirit than by donning the college colors when the chance arises? This could be by wearing official school gear, or if you really wanted to get creative with your college wear, you could create your own outfits inspired by your school colors.

Head out and shop now for some cool school patches to add to your outfit for that extra level of pep.

2. Attend School Activities

University spirit is about understanding and supporting the school. You don’t even need to necessarily be invested in the event. Just being there is enough to help contribute to raising spirit levels.

Heady out to a football game. Watch the drama club production. By being there you are showing\’a0not just school support, but support for everybody within it too.

3. Join School Clubs and Associations

Another great way to show your school support is to go one step further than watching and actually get involved. There are so many different clubs and associations that you could join on campus, that there is bound to be at least one that suits your interests.

Joining these clubs is not just about showing university spirit but is integral to the true college experience. Move out of your comfort zone, meet new people and experience new things.

4. Be Vocal at Events

While attending evens it a good way to build spirit. Being there is just the first rung on the spirit ladder. To really ramp up the support why not get vocal. Cheer on the team, or stand for your ovation at the end of the performance.

Your voice can help start a wave of support that everybody could feel.

5. Add a College Sticker to Your Bumper

You can also take your college spirit with you, anywhere you go by decaling your car to declare your school pride.

Bumper stickers are a creative yet simple way to show your support for your school and tell the world what a great place it is to continue your education.

You could even hand out some stickers to your family and other campus buddies to help them get in the school spirit too.

6. Take It Online

Who said college spirit only exists in the real world. With social media dominating our lives, from personal to professional levels, it makes a great platform for your support.

From liking and commenting on your university’s social media pages to spreading the work yourself with images and hashtags. If you love your school, then why not stand up and tell the world.

7. Decorate Your Face

When you’re getting ready for the next game, why not look to up your college spirit even more by adding some color to your face.

Face paint is part and parcel of a sports game, so using your school colors as you decorate yours is a fun way to let your creative side free and show your support at the same time.

8. Create Banners and Posters

If you are an artistic person then there is no end to the ways you can show and support school spirit.

How about making some banners or posters for the next big game or school event. Perhaps you could even organize a contest, getting people\’a0involved to raise their school spirit with the result being another spirit boost.

It’s a win-win for everybody, especially your school.

9. Make Some Noise(makers)

Another creative way to show and help others raise campus sprit is through some arts and crafts. Why not sit down and create a batch of noisemakers that can be used at the next big game.

You could use your school colors in the design, and the result is a raucous atmosphere the next time you play your rivals and a school spirit that goes through the roof.

10. Represent Your College Off-Campus

Every town or city has parades and fairs and other such social events. These are a great place to show your college spirit and spread the name of your school among those that may still be undecided on where they want to study.

Whether you take part in the festivities or use some of the tips above to make some noise during the event, the choice is yours.

There’s No End to the Ways You Can Express Your College Spirit

These are just a handful of ways that you can show your school spirit, but the truth is that the only limit is your imagination.

Anything you do on or off-campus can be done in the name of college spirit, as long as you have the right intentions.

College life is more than just about getting an education in the classroom. It’s about getting a taste of the world. It is about experiences and learning who the real you is.

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