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What Are Managed SEO Services?


Google processes over 40,000 searches a day, or about 1.2 trillion a year. Among those searches are people looking for your exact product or service. However, there’s a chance those potential customers will fail to find you online.

Without search engine optimization (SEO), your site won’t appear higher on search engine results pages. Instead, people would have to flip through multiple pages before finding your site.

With managed SEO services, you can ensure you appear on the first page for keywords your customers are searching for.

So what exactly are SEO managed services, and how can they benefit your business?

Keep reading to find out!

What Are Managed SEO Services?

Managed SEO services are services provided by SEO professionals. These services can improve your search engine ranking, positioning your site higher on search engines like Google. When you rank higher on search engines, potential clients are more likely to see your business before a competitor’s.

Here are a few examples of managed SEO services you might consider.

1. Keyword Research

Before an SEO professional can improve your ranking, they need to know what your customers are searching for. Keyword research is an essential step for any SEO campaign.

An SEO company can use Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, or Google Trends to develop a list of keywords.

Once they have this list, they can optimize your on-page SEO. This involves updating your existing site content to feature these keywords.

2. Link Building

Having the right keywords enough. You’ll also need to use backlinking to improve your site’s credibility. Using links from relevant, credible resources in your industry will boost your site’s ranking.

By hiring someone to provide managed SEO services, you don’t have to worry about finding these links.

3. Content Management

You’ll need to create relevant, informative content to attract visitors to your site. This content will utilize the keyword research mentioned above.

High-quality, unique content ranks higher, so you can’t neglect content creation.

4. Local SEO

56% of mobile searches are looking for local information. In order to respond to this trend, you need to understand your local customers. Then, local SEO strategies (such as updating your Google My Business listing and crating local-relevant content) will help you appear in front of these local customers.

5. Competitive Analysis

What are your competitors up to? Understanding your competitors and what they’re ranking for can help you keep up. Studying the competition can also help you utilize your own strengths and weaknesses.

How Do They Benefit Businesses?

Outsourcing your SEO needs can:

  • Improve online user experience
  • Provide a source of leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve brand credibility
  • Improve your ROI

Hiring a company, such as this managed SEO provider, for its SEO management services can also take a lot of stress off your shoulders. Instead of worrying about your SEO, you can focus on your business and customers!

Managed SEO Services: Business Growth With SEO

With managed SEO services, you can bring in new customers and build your business! Keeping up with the latest SEO trends will ensure you’re rising above the competition.

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