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How to Burglar Proof Your Home: 9 Essential Tips for a Secure Home


More than seven million people fell victim to property crimes in 2018 in the United States.

Property crimes can include burglaries, vandalism, and getting vehicles stolen.

If you want to prevent anyone from going onto your property, or in your home, there are a couple of measures you should take.

Continue reading to discover how to burglar-proof your home, so intruders don’t come in!

1. Lock The Windows

When people leave for work or family trips, they often remember to lock all of the doors. But what about the windows?

Windows are often neglected and leave easy access for people to sneak in through. When you don’t lock your windows, burglars can easily remove the screen and go inside your home without causing damage or a sound.

You should always use the locks on your window when you leave your home. Many people recommend putting a wooden stick (that is strong) on the sliding plate for large windows and doors as well.

When intruders try to break in through sliding doors, they won’t be able to get in because the pole is blocking their access.

2. Update Your Door Locks

Have you been using the same locks on your doors that the previous owners used?

If so, it is time to update them. You should purchase new locks that are reliable and strong. Make sure that you only give keys to people you trust and toss the old setup.

New locks can help keep intruders out because they are more difficult to break into and aren’t worn down. Be sure to also fill in any gaps between the door and frame. This will also make it more difficult to break into.

Deadbolt and smart locks are excellent options to go with and can dramatically boost your home security.

3. Install Lights Around The Yard

It’s much easier to break into homes that are poorly lit because there are places for intruders to hide.

In the dark corners of your home, intruders can easily blend in at night and break into your house unnoticed. By installing lights around your home and yard, you will eliminate hiding spots for burglars.

Burglars look for houses that have dark corners. Lighting everything up will expose them to you and everyone driving by. If you don’t want your electricity bill to go through the roof, you can use solar lights too!

Make sure that you light up the garage and by your vehicles as well.

4. Add Cameras

When learning how to burglar-proof your home, you may want to consider getting cameras.

Installing mini spy cameras around the outside of your house can help you keep an eye on things, even when you aren’t home. Some cameras and apps will alert you when they detect noise and motion.

Although you can’t stop someone with just a camera, you can prepare yourself and alert the police if you see them trying to get in.

5. Password Lock Your Internet

Not all burglars are trying to get inside of your home.

Some people are trying to hack into your internet and computers. One of the ways that they can do this is by getting access to your internet. Make sure that you password protect your internet to keep other people out.

Use unique passwords that can’t be easily guessed. Avoid family member names, addresses, and simple words.

6. Get A Dog

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get a dog, home protection is an excellent reason!

Although intruders won’t be scared of mini Yorkies, they will still avoid homes with any type of dog. Dogs bark and inform owners that someone is in the house, which blows their cover.

Burglars are much less likely to break into homes that have dogs, especially large ones like Pitbulls and Huskies. If you don’t have a dog, you can still put up a “beware of dog” sign to help deter burglars.

7. Close Your Blinds

When people can see inside your home, they can learn your routines and weaknesses.

By closing your blinds, intruders won’t be as willing to break in because they don’t know where you are. By blocking windows and doors, you can keep your home safe and not let intruders know when you are and aren’t home.

If you are leaving town for a couple of days, have a trusted person open your blinds in the mornings. They can then close them in the afternoon to make it look like someone is staying there.

8. Keep Landscaping Clean

By not taking care of landscaping, you are creating spots for burglars to hide and break into.

When trees and plants are overgrowing, it can be easy for intruders to hide in them. Keeping a clean yard won’t leave you vulnerable because everything is visible. Much like lighting up your yard, clean landscaping will expose intruders while they try to get inside.

Keep your grass short and trim your trees when they start creating nooks to hide in. You will also want to pick up any of your children’s toys and make sure that playhouses can’t be used to hide in.

9. Install A Security System

Many different companies offer security for your home.

By installing keypads, you can lock your home and set alarms to go off if someone tries to get inside while the alarm is set. Even if you can’t afford to get this type of service, you can put a sign in your yard that claims you have coverage.

Typically, the sign is warning enough for them to stay back.

Learn How To Burglar-Proof Your Home

If you are worried about your house getting broken into, there are many things you need to do.

Learning how to burglar-proof your home will keep your family and belongings and safe. You shouldn’t have to worry about intruders in the comfort of your home. By getting a dog, cameras, and installing lights, you can help reduce your chances of falling victim to these crimes.

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