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Class of COVID 2021: SMU Seniors Graduate on the Heels of Pandemic


After nearly 15 months of a global pandemic, SMU will say goodbye on Saturday to what is likely to be the final class to graduate in the age of the coronavirus.

The Daily Campus has spent the last three semesters documenting campus life in the midst of the pandemic: from personal stories to university policies. As a fitting end to the 2020-21 school year, we profiled 11 graduating seniors from across schools and majors for their final dispatches. One of them is outgoing Daily Campus Editor-in-Chief Sriya Reddy, who has a message about reporting during this extraordinary tim.

This series was an effort to ensure that history was not lost before the class of ‘21 disperses, and time erodes the memories. Here are the stories from the final Class of Covid:

Charlotte Friend

Profile by Catherine Cook

Five smiling girls in white outside on the steps of Dallas Hall.
Charlotte Friend (far right) ; Photo by Kat Allen

Charlotte Friend is double-majoring in public relations and Spanish, and is originally from New Orleans, LA. After graduation she plans on pursuing her master’s degree and a career in healthcare in Austin, TX.

Sarah Kaiser

Profile by Gwinneth Campbell

Girl in red tank top, in front of trees and green lawn.
Image Credit: Sarah Kaiser

Sarah Kaiser is a computer science major who is originally from Scottsdale, AZ. After graduation she will be working as a software engineer with J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. in Plano, TX.

Henry Mac

Profile by Kate Pitney

Man in a multicolored shirt DJ'ing in a dark room
Henry Mac DJ'ing. Image Credit: Henry Mac

Henry Mac is finance major with a passion for creating electronic music and DJ’ing. After graduation, he hopes to continue sharing his love for music with new audiences.

Catherine McNaghten

Profile by Alexa Field

Three smiling girls in front of a window reflecting a tree and street.
Catherine McNaghten (middle); Image Credit: Catherine McNaghten

Catherine McNaghten is originally from Ohio. After graduation, she will be working full-time as an investment banker at Balbec Capitol LP in Atlanta, GA.

Grace Moody

Profile by Quinn McClanahan

Smiling girl
Grace Moody; Image Credit: Grace Moody

Grace Moody is originally from Honolulu, HI and will be working as an investment analyst in Dallas, TX.

Sriya Reddy

Profile by Emma McRae

Smiling girl seated on a brick planter outdoors
Sriya Reddy; Image Credit: Emma McRae

Sriya Reddy is originally from Plano, TX and is triple majoring in corporate communications, journalism and history. Reddy has been selected to report on South Dallas as a Report for America fellow at The Dallas Morning News.

Cristina Reyna

Profile by Marian Rowley

Smiling girl seated on a bench outdoors in front of a sunny, shaded lawn
Cristina Reyna; Image Credit: Marian Rowley

Cristina Reyna is an international student from Monterrey, Mexico with triple majors in economics, international studies and human rights. After graduation, she will be looking for economics-based jobs in Dallas.

Caroline Swanson

Profile by Michaela McTee

Smiling girl dressed in white in front of a fountain.
Caroline Swanson; Image Credit: Zella Bergman

Caroline Swanson is a marketing major who is originally from Fresno, CA. After graduation, she will be working as a marketing and sales associate at ISN in Dallas, TX.

Sammy Waken

Profile by Will Daughton

Man in suit smiling in front of a pillar and sunny, outdoor backdrop.
Sammy Waken; Image Credit: Lindsey Carrier

Sammy Waken is an accounting major who is originally from Oklahoma City, OK. After graduation, he will be accepting a full-time position with Applewhite and Buys Financial Advisors.

Kat Wright

Profile by Ruth Anne Emerson

Girl smiling and posing in front of a brick wall outdoors on a sunny day.
Kat Wright Pony's Up! Photo credit: Ruth Anne Emerson

Kat is a biology major who is originally from Arkansas. After graduation she plans on obtaining a master’s degree from the Cox School of Business while applying to medical schools.

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