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SMU junior shares his interest in men’s fashion

 Common makes sense
Common makes sense

Zack Shumway, a junior at SMU, poses in a Givenchy graphic T-shirt. (Sidney Holliingsworth/The Daily Campus)

Zack Shumway, a junior from Florida studying Finance, is certainly fashion forward.

Shumway shared his experiences and interests with The Daily Campus, and gave insight on men’s fashion.

1. When did you get into fashion?

Well I’ve always been interested in design and all of that mess, but as of like last year when I got my job at Forty Five Ten I became a lot more interested in it.

2. What is your favorite trend this season?

All the leather everywhere. I think girls look great in leather leggings. I can’t get enough leather jackets for myself so it’s good that it’s really apparent this season.

3. How would you describe your personal style?

I’m pretty casual, laid back, I wear a lot of T-shirts – T-shirts and jeans are pretty much my uniform.

Any shoe that slips on, I don’t really like to tie my shoes. And, I mean, if I’m going somewhere nice I’ll mix it up and throw on a tailored jacket or a tailored pair of pants, more or less dressed up for me.

4. Why did you start working at Forty Five Ten?

I kind of needed a job, and then I thought about it and Forty Five Ten would be the perfect place. Moving on in the future, it’s a good company to work for.

5. What do you do at Forty Five Ten?

I’m a sales associate now. I was a runner when I first got hired. I went between stores and I would deliver customer orders.
Once I came back from the summer I got a promotion and now I’m a sales associate.

6. Are you involved on campus? Anywhere else?

I was on Mustang 11 Freshman year but I went abroad last year so since I’ve been home I haven’t really been as involved on campus as back then.

7. Where did you go abroad?

Paris. I went during the fall of last year. I wanted to have a change of pace for a little while. I have a hard time staying in one place for a very long time. I like to hop around so I just felt like I needed to go.

8. Do you have a favorite brand or designer?

Givenchy – my co-workers call me “Mr. Givenchy,” and so do my friends. I wear it all the time. I’m obsessed.

9. What do you like about Givenchy?

I like the style. It’s kind of like gothic in a good way and has a darker outlook.

Riccardo Tisci is the creative director for them. His most relatable things are the graphic tees and that’s what most people buy just because they’re more accessible than his other good stuff.

I have a leather hoodie by him – it’s impeccably tailored and it’s really well made. A lot of black.

10. What is your future dream job?

I think it would be amazing to be the creative director of some well established brand like Givenchy or Lanvin or something like that.

I know Olivier Rousteing is the creative director for Balmain and he’s 25 years old, so it’s pretty impressive and that would be amazing.

But ultimately I will try to do my own thing with my own company. 

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