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Get back to style: fall fashion on campus

Back to school at SMU means back to style. All across the Boulevard you can already see students sporting the current, hottest trends of fall fashion.

From maxi dresses to denim vests for girls, and graphic tees to chambray shirts for boys, SMU students have it covered.

But what are the rest of the essentials that you should know about as the school year kicks in?

At SMU, there is no doubt the following trends are what everyone wants to hear about.


Just because they’re called “neutrals” doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with these colors.

Wear similar shades of neutrals together. The monochromatic look is simple yet chic; it’s easy to throw on a colorful bag or some jewelry to contrast the outfit.

Or, of course, you can continue the neutral look throughout the entire ensemble. However, you should choose a different neutral then your clothing. No need to be too matchy-matchy.
Simplicity looks good when you are going for a neutral look, so you should stick to classic jewelry.

A watch, charm bracelet and hoop earrings will work perfectly with this style.


Floral prints have been in for a while, but they aren’t the only prints that should be incorporated into your outfits.

Polka dots, plaid, stripes and chevron patterns are easy to find anywhere and can be worn casually or dressed up.

If you’re not ready for something too bold with too many patterns, go with a white blouse that has several repeated prints instead of a continuous print that covers the entire shirt.

Mixing prints means that you can add more of them to your wardrobe and still have plenty of occasions for wearing them.

Feminine Boho

Look for boho inspired clothing and accessories that are made of lace or crochet. These materials add a more feminine feel.

Don’t forget what exactly “boho” is. In addition to the lace and crochet this season, go for maxi skirts and cut-off shirts.

Colors of boho clothing tend to be pastels and neutrals, but it’s always fun to throw in more color.


Jeans are always trendy, no matter what season. But there are so many different styles. This season, look for boyfriend jeans and colored denim.

The great thing about boyfriend jeans is their relaxed feel. No need to worry so much about getting ready. Throw on a colored tee, and maybe even a belt. They can be worn with flats, sandals or even heels. The accessories you choose will determine if your outfit is more formal, or more casual.

Color denim is a great way to stand out. Lean towards skinny jeans and pair them with a free-flowing blouse, tee, or blazer. Flats, sandals and heels are the best way to go. Throw in fun, bold jewelry in different colors. Feel free to go a little crazy.

Cowgirl Boots

It’s time to start thinking about football season and Boulevarding: you can’t be without those cowgirl boots.

It is so easy to show off your personality because you can find these boots in almost any color and pattern. They always look good with casual dresses or jean shorts, but there is flexible room to decide what works best for you.

If you don’t have a pair, invest in them soon. You can’t be in Texas without them! 

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