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Fall trends perfect for the upcoming weather


Cold weather has officially hit Dallas, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to huge coats that will hide your style.

These trends are sure to keep you warm while helping you stay stylish.

And, the best part of this season’s trends is that most of them can be worn together.

Animal Prints

The best animal prints to sport are always the prints with brown tones

They’re easy to incorporate into your wardrobe this fall because you are bound to have neutrals laying around – perfect shades to pair with this shade or pattern.

Stick with leopard when it comes to this trend. This pattern is easy to find and always looks classy.

But, to look classy, keep it simple [and] throw on a leopard print cardigan, or leopard print heels or flats.

Gold jewelry complements animal print the best.

Animal prints add a “wild” side to your ensemble for extra fun.


The jean-on-jean look is coming back, straight from the ’90s. Jean material isn’t just for jackets, bottoms and dresses anymore.

It might seem shocking to tap into the decade you were born in, but it’s worth giving it a try because it is becoming increasingly popular by the minute.

Chambray oxfords are the perfect way to showcase this trend.

Pair a light-shaded chambray top with darker jeans to show off how fashion-forward you truly are.

Boots can complete look.


The color that is the most relevant to this trend is yellow.

These shades add a pop to the typical neutrals that are sometimes overused in the fall.

But don’t overload it – a dress in a fluorescent shade is great for a formal, but otherwise stick to only throwing in fluorescent accessories or single pieces into your outfit.

To tone it down, mix and match this color with black – add a black pair of pants, a black bag or a piece with black incorporated into it.


Geometric patterns are really high-fashion, runway type of trend.

But you can still include the patterns into your wardrobe in more subtle ways.

Contrasting-color pieces are an easy way to incorporate this trend into what you’re wearing.

They’re best in bright hues so finding them in fluorescents is perfect – you’ll hit two trends in one outfit.

Another way to sport this look is with structured items, like a blazer with a boxy feel or jewelry with defined edges.

Earth Tones

Earth tones can make the always popular neutrals more exciting. Warm browns will jazz-up the solemn shades.

Pair earth tone shades with other neutrals, or with something a little more colorful to appeal to the fall season and your personal style.

This season, pairing brown and black together is no longer a fashion “don’t.”

Black & White

Black and white have been in-season colors since the beginning of fall. Pair separates of each shade together, or items that include both in a single piece.

When it comes to accessorizing, add a chunky white bangle with a chunky black bangle on the same wrist.

The strict color contrast will be sure to modernize your look.
These shades allow you to play it safe, but also look sharp thanks to these inevitably classy colors.


Pants with stripes running down the side of the leg is one of the fun upcoming trends of the fall.

They add a sporty look to any outfit. Stay fashionable by wearing skinny pants.

The stripes look best in contrasting colors in relation to the pants, which should be in the skinny style.

Just like the black and white contrast, these striped pants will also adding a modern touch.

Steer Clear Of…

As Heidi Klum says, “one day you’re in, the next day your out.” Not all trends stay in style as seasons transition.

The most important ones to drop from your closet are neons (note that this is not the same as fluorescents, which are appropriate colors for the fall), oversized totes, multi-finger rings and moccasins.

Appropriate transition pieces are neutrals and earth tones, simple (yet geometric) jewelry and boots.  

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