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SMU senior designs, sells unique jewelry

SPENCER J EGGERS/ The Daily Campus
SMU senior Ali Grace’s line of jewelry can be found at Studio Sebastian in Snider Plaza.

SMU senior Ali Grace’s line of jewelry can be found at Studio Sebastian in Snider Plaza. (SPENCER J EGGERS/ The Daily Campus)

Newport beach native Ali Grace has established a name for herself as a jewelry designer and entrepreneur at the young age of 21.

Grace is currently a senior at Southern Methodist University majoring in art history, but her passion for jewelry began when she was 4-years-old.

“My mom gave me a plastic bead set and I was constantly making necklaces and bracelets for myself,” Grace said. “I set up jewelry stands in front of my house when I was very young.”

When Grace was in fourth-grade she began stringing semi-precious stones to make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

Her small business slowly grew as she sold some of her jewelry to her mother’s friends. At the age of fourteen, she began selling her jewelry in stores.

“A’maree’s, a very well respected high-end store in Newport Beach, was the first store to carry my jewelry,” Grace said.

Her jewelry is available in five stores across the U.S., four of which are in California and one in Texas.

Ali Grace’s collection is available in California at A’maree’s, Carrots, Laguna Supply and Generic Youth.

The line can be found in Dallas at Studio Sebastian, an upscale women’s boutique in Snider Plaza.

The brand has several online outlets for consumers including a website, a blog and twitter.

The California-native finds the majority of her inspiration from nature, especially the ocean.

“I love the beach and the colors associated with it,” she said.

Grace’s work is easily identified by her use pave’ diamonds, earthy beads and aqua stones. There is an organic yet feminine aspect to the collection.

The line can be paired with jeans and a tee shirt or a couture dress to a cocktail party.

Grace’s jewelry is versatile and can be mixed and matched with other jewelry for a more subtle or glamorous look.

Ali Grace Jewelry is different from other jewelry lines in that the designer personally selects every piece of bead, stone and clasp herself.

The designer is also very careful to not repeat pieces so that her line stays unique just as it began.

“I do not make 100 pieces of the same style; I make small amounts of the same piece,”she said.

This allows the customer to have a special experience knowing that the same bracelet, necklace, etc. will not be seen on people everywhere.

“I try to diversify myself by not creating things that I see,” Grace said. “I avoid making pieces that resemble mass produced items.”

The designer credits her childhood for the vision of her line.

“Growing up at the beach has greatly impacted my line; no matter where I live, inspiration from nature will always influence in my line,” she said.

Aside from the jeweler’s self-marketing techniques, she has relied heavily on word-of-mouth advertisement and the press.

In the August of 2006 issue of “Teen Vogue,” the young designer and her jewels were featured in an article. More recently, on February 11, 2009 “Daily Candy Dallas” published an article on Ali Grace Jewelry. Her work has also been featured in the US News and World 2012 Report Best Colleges Issue.

“The press has been very beneficial for my jewelry,” she said. “It has allowed people all across the country to have access to my line.”

The press from her hometown has served as a helping hand throughout her career as well. Grace has been mentioned in a number of fashion blogs and local newspapers in Newport Beach, Calif.

When asked what her vision of the future she confidently replied, “In 10 years I see myself still designing jewelry; it is my passion and I cannot see myself quitting anytime soon.”

The self-made designer has flaunted her own creations since she was a child but says that true satisfaction comes when she sees her work on others.

“It is extremely satisfying to see someone walking down the street wearing one of my designs,” Grace said.

“As long as I continue to feel this joy and excitement, I will continue to design jewelry,” she said. The jewelry line has proven to be very lucrative as a result of Grace’s hard work and consistency.

Grace said that she is extremely fortunate to be in the position she is today and takes pride in her work.

“I am lucky to do something I love and have people respond positively to it,” Grace said. “It is amazing and very rewarding that people are willing to purchase and wear my designs.”


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