Move over Fondren: There’s a new study spot in town

Herb’s House Coffee + Company recently opened in the old Union Coffee House location on Dyer Street.

“I’m so excited for a new coffee house,” said Madison Lindenberg, a sophomore at SMU. “I have a number of hard tests coming up, and it will be nice to have a change of scenery while I’m studying.”

The shop is located within walking distance from the SMU campus, and it offers food and drink, community workspaces, and two private conference rooms. The private rooms can be booked on the company website.

Cultivar Coffee is the exclusively used in-house coffee. Cultivar Coffee oversees the coffee-making process, from start to finish – even training the baristas on how to create the perfect cup.

Open seven days a week, Herb’s House Coffee + Company is the perfect spot to complete your work in a location other than Fondren Library.

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