UPDATES: Battleground states

By Emma Wesel

Election Night isn’t going how Hillary Clinton hoped. Donald Trump with no political experience under his belt is giving the former Senator and Secretary of State a run for her money (or her pantsuits). Trump and Clinton are in a tight race for electoral votes in the battleground states.


Virginia just flipped in Clinton’s favor with 92 percent of the vote counted. She is now leading there by around 7,000 votes. Clinton is still trailing in North Carolina, though only 55 percent of the state has been reported. Trump has less than a 1% lead in North Carolina, a state that Romney won in 2012 and would help him reach 270 votes. Trump has a 2.4 percent lead in North Carolina.

Florida has 95 percent of the vote counted and Trump is leading by around 150,000 votes. Colorado is looking strong for Clinton with 33 percent of the vote counted and a 4.7 percent lead. Stay tuned as the final counts come out in states such as Florida and Virginia.

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