Caroline Waters Takes a Unique Path to SMU’s Dance Program

Becoming part of SMU’s Dance department is not easy. It takes years of training and a vigorous audition process. For Caroline Waters, the process was especially challenging.

“Caroline’s absolute, just, courage, no matter what circumstances are surrounding her, is really inspirational,” Caroline’s friend and fellow dancer Kiera Mays said.

Unlike most students at SMU, Caroline started the dance program in the second semester of her freshman year. That was because it took caroline four auditions before finally getting accepted into the program.

“I was really burnt out,” Waters said. “And I was about this close not to audition again. And I remember my mom—the really–one of the biggest lessons she taught us was not to quit. If you want it badly enough and if you think it’s worth it, then it’s worth your energy and it’s worth your time.”

Caroline started dancing when she was only four years old. Growing up as a dancer, she became familiar with the struggles of auditioning. and constantly hearing, “No.”

“That constant rejection I faced was pretty hard,” Waters said. “But I am thankful for it now, cause it really helped me develop a thick skin.”

Caroline’s classmates now look to her for inspiration and motivation to grow as dancers.

“Caroline has this energy and personality that’s just always so positive and upbeat,” Mays said. “And even if she has a bad day, if you come up to her and you’re just talking, she will give you her full attention.”

Caroline isn’t just a dance major; she’s also majoring in Journalism with a minor in English. She’s a crew member for the daily update, an editor for the daily campus and an RA at Kathy Crow.

“Caroline does everything and does everything well,” Michelle Aslam, editor-in-chief of the Daily Campus said. “And I think that’s probably the best thing about her.”

There is no doubt that Caroline’s work ethic and positive attitude make her an inspiration on campus.