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Dr. Voth Profile from Lori Lizarraga on Vimeo.

Since his arrival at SMU six years ago, Dr. Voth has gotten incredibly involved on campus, not only as a communications professor and director of debate, but in many aspects of campus life.

But it’s not just his on campus contributions that impress his students and colleagues so much. It’s his passion for his work and the love he has for his students.

“I think that Dr. Voth is a great teacher because he’s very compassionate about communications and it shows through his teaching,” said communications student Christy Hellwig.

“He cares about every single one of his students and he always has such great insight that I’m always learning a lot.”

“I’m very passionate as a professor about people having their voice,” said Dr. Voth.

Dr. Voth spends the time putting that passion into action.

Recently, he spent time at the Bush Institute working with five immigrants from North Korea on how to better find their voice in the world.

Dr. Voth was the first to ever utilize the institute’s extensive translation resources.

He takes much of his inspiration as a debate coach, professor, minister and father from the late James Farmer Jr – one of the first and most prominent leaders in the American Civil Rights Movement.

“I really envision a world where I’m training great debaters, literally like James Farmer,” said Dr. Voth.

“Interestingly, in his biography he says his one regret in life was not spending more time with his daughter. So for me, I spend a lot of time trying to raise my daughters well.”

Dr. Voth made it clear. He believes his students make teaching the most fulfilling profession there is.

“I never walk away from campus thinking wow I wasted my time or that didn’t have some good effect,” said Dr. Voth.

“And really, for all the students, they enrich me more than I enrich them.”

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