My favorite accessory

“Where did
you get it?”

“It” –my slightly red and extremely curly somewhat afro—is what my customer was referring to after she complimented my head full of hair. Yes, my hair. My very own unique accessory.

For many years, the African American culture has struggled with what to do with “it”, the hair that seems to be unique to our set of genes.

I think, however, every day is an opportunity to experiment with the kinks I’ve inherited.

But there are a few things you must remember when rockin’ the fro:

1) Embrace it. If you don’t own your locks, your lack of confidence will show. No matter how hard it is to tame that uncontrollable poof, do not be discouraged. You cannot be ashamed of where you came from. It makes it hard to know where you’re going.

2) The bigger, the better. My hair wouldn’t be my hair is it wasn’t the size of Texas. Volume is what makes a fro a fro. I’m not suggesting you pick it out, but if your hair naturally poofs just let it poof. Don’t weigh it down with those damaging gels and hairsprays.

3) Pick your complementary element. For me, it’s color. I dye my hair every couple of months. I can almost illustrate my wild personality through my distinctive hair color. For others, it might be headbands, hair clips, or highlights. Whatever it is, make it your trademark.

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