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Morgan Shiver, Contributor • June 20, 2024

Johnson announces re-election campaign

Jessica Huseman/The Daily Campus

(Jessica Huseman/The Daily Campus)

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson announced Friday she would run for her 11th term as District 30’s representative to the U.S. House.

“I declare that I will run for reelection one term at a time,” she said in front of a crowd of supporters at Southwest Center Mall in South Dallas.

“I don’t even know where the district lines are going to be, but you can be sure I have been on the front lines of them.”

Redistricting was a constant theme in Johnson’s reelection announcement.

She even credited the fight for more minority seats in North Texas as part of the reason she was running for re-election.

“The only thing that fires me up is when I set a goal and I know it is the right thing to do. Then I know I will get it done,” she said, prompting cheers from the crowd.

Three Dallas City Council members spoke at the campaign kick off, including Tenell Atkins, Pauline Medrano and Vonciel

Jones Hill.

Atkins, who called Johnson “the first lady of Dallas,” called attention to Johnson’s experience before endorsing her reelection.

“When you fight for something, you don’t want a rookie fighting for you,” he said.

Johnson has represented District 30 since 1993.

She has served on the Committee of Science and Technology and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

She was also the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus from 2001 to 2003.

“We need someone who understands D.C. You don’t want to put a rookie in the game because they might make a mistake, and we can’t afford to make a mistake in November,” Atkins said.

Johnson spoke openly of the state she felt the country was in, calling out Democrats who seemed to be abandoning President Obama, asking the crowd not to “count [her] in that crowd.”

“I’m proud to tell you the president has endorsed me for reelection,” she said. “I’ve earned it. I stand with him, I have whispered in his ear. And I’ll tell you something: He is one of the brightest human beings I have ever met.”

She also questioned the priorities of Republicans, accusing them of making it their top priority to ensure Obama is a one-term president.

“Many of the ideas of the jobs bill came from those who are fighting him the hardest,” she said. “They are doing whatever it takes to bring him down.”

Johnson’s 2012 reelection campaign may present a greater challenge than past elections.

Since her election in 1993, Johnson has not faced a substantial opponent.

This year, State Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway has announced she will challenge Johnson for her seat in the Democratic primary.

Caraway is well liked in her roll as state representative, and may succeed in swaying some of Johnson’s core voters away from her.

Rumors are also swirling as to whether Dallas lawyer Taj Clayton will put his hat in the ring, as he has been meeting with key local Democrats to assess mounting a campaign against Johnson.

Clayton may officially announce his candidacy in November. 

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