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Former associate sports editor signs off

Costa is a senior majoring in journalism.

I will not say I’ve been looking forward to this moment, the one in which I’m supposed to spill my guts to all of you here at Southern Methodist University.

After all, I’ve been giving you my idiotic opinion and sports analysis for two years now. What more could I possibly add on the eve of my college career?

For starters, it’s been one hell of a ride.

The ups and downs of my time on the Hilltop will stay with me forever thanks to the wonderful people I’ve met, most notably at The Daily Campus.

I was the shy, quiet guy when I first transferred in from Collin County in the fall of 2012. That first semester was pretty rough, but I was happy to get on board The Daily Campus staff, and make a name for myself in the process.

A couple of months later, I got kicked up to the associate sports editor spot thanks to three people I’ll happily call my friends, Katy Roden, Rahfin Faruk, and Demetrio Teniente.

Seriously, I have no idea what made the three of you believe I could do this job for a year. All I did for the first month or so was stare at the quote wall and try to remember who mounted that squirrel on top of my work space.

Eventually, I think I got the hang of it and set about having the most fun while doing the least amount of work possible, or at least that’s what W. Tucker Keene would have me believe. This was of course aided by the best cubicle-mate imaginable in Opinion Editor Trevor Thrall.

I honestly think I’ll always have a special place in my heart for each of the people I just mentioned, not just because I had to work with them, but because they made my time at school bearable.

To those of you who somehow took a joy in my writing, I appreciated your feedback. It will probably be many more years before I have the freedom to express myself the way The Daily Campus allowed me to, so trust me when I say I cherished each article like it was my last.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoon was a treasure to me, because I got to do exactly what I dream of doing after college, and was surrounded by passionate, talented young writers who felt the same way I did.

This was further influenced by the wonderful staff in the journalism department here on campus. I can honestly say the people who teach at SMU are so insanely dedicated to their craft that I can only dream of doing what some of these people have seen and done in the real world.

For anyone coming back next semester who has a couple of hours to kill for extracurricular activities, I implore you to take a course at the J-school and see what I’m talking about first-hand. You will not regret it.

So that’s a wrap I suppose. My time at SMU has been magnificent thanks to the people I’ve met and shared time with. Whether it was laughing it up at the cool corner of the office or staring at the beautiful architecture inside Dallas hall, this school was exactly what I dreamed of.

Thank you to everyone, and I look forward to hearing my name called in less than two weeks.

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