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The crew of Egg Drop Soup poses with director Yang (bottom, center).
SMU student film highlights the Chinese-American experience
Lexi Hodson, Contributor • May 16, 2024

Celebrities are more than their stolen nudes

If you’ve been anywhere but trapped in a remote cave in the depths of the rainforest, you’ve heard about or seen some female celebrities’ nude photos that were stolen from iCloud and posted online Sunday.

The Daily Campus’s Olivia Nguyen expressed her reaction to the hack, basically advising readers against taking nude photos to prevent such an invasion in their own lives.

She’s been accused of victim blaming, but Nguyen’s piece was simply meant as a warning to people who will be applying for jobs or graduate schools because, according to pop culture, naked selfies have a way of showing up and lurking around dark corners of the Internet.

If you want to give some real victim blamers a piece of your mind, head on over to Twitter. The following are a few of the most eye-roll worthy.

“Stop posing nude on camera, dummy. Your husband not know what you look like nude? #LESSONLEARNED”

“Put together a list of tips for celebs after latest leaks:

1. Don’t take nude selfies

2. Don’t take nude selfies…”

And, finally, one quickly deleted remark from comedian Ricky Gervais:

“Celebrities, make it harder for hackers to get nude pics of you from your computer by not putting nude pics of yourself on your computer.”

In response to this tweet, The Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri wrote, “There are two schools of thought when it come to the massive hack of celebrity nudes… One of them is wrong.”

The fact is that women can, and should, do whatever the f**k they want with their bodies and their iPhones, laptops, tablets and anything else with a functioning camera. If there’s something worse than having your private life infiltrated in the deepest and most intrusive way, it’s being bullied for it afterward. What has happened to these women is a sex crime.

One of my new favorite tweeters is now Sonia Saraiya, who, after the leak, posted photos of the women, fully-clothed and detailed some of their greatest achievements.

Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for an Oscar for her role in the indie hit, “Winter’s Bone.” Hope Solo is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and one of the best goalies in the world. Misty May-Treanor has held the title of best female beach volleyball competitor in the world since 2012. Kaley Cuoco will make $1 million per episode for her role in the upcoming season of “Big Bang Theory.” Lizzy Caplan is a comedian and Emmy-nominated actress.

Saraiya summed it all up in one tweet, writing, “It is a s***ty, cruel world for women, especially ones who compete, create and succeed.”

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