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Concealed carry is for defensive, not offensive measures

Concealed carry worries many; but without permits, who keeps campus safe?

Can you imagine sitting with a barricade across the door in a classroom, with the lights off, hoping that a lone gunman thinks there is no one in there? Can you imagine being a sitting duck at the mercy of someone else’s bad decision when there is nothing you can do to stop it?

Tragedy can strike anywhere, and with the current gun laws in Texas, there is nothing that anyone on a college campus can do about it. With a recent bill going through the state legislature, college campuses in Texas may be forced to allow students and professors to carry guns.

With incidents such as the Virginia Tech shooting and the shooting at the University of Texas, guns have already made their debut on college campuses across the country. Concealed carry on campus would at least level the playing field.

Just because guns are not allowed on campuses now, does not mean that guns will not make their way into a classroom.

How many tragedies will it take for people to realize this? Who is going to protect students if a gunman decides to kill?

There are three ways to acquire a gun. The first is by legally purchasing a gun. This requires a background check and obviously a payment for the weapon.

The second way is by purchasing a gun and having a concealed carry license. This requires two criminal background checks, a 10-hour course, and fingerprints to be taken.

The third way is for a criminal to get ahold of a gun illegally.

Law-abiding citizens are carrying guns for defensive purposes. They want to ensure they are safe. Criminals carry guns for offensive purposes.

Anyone can come onto campus with a gun; it is not like there are metal detectors stopping them. There will be nothing stopping a criminal, including a law that says guns are not permitted.

Responsible, law-abiding citizens are going to continue to follow the law regardless and criminals will continue to break it. The only thing changing with this law being passed is the right for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and others against the crazies of this world.

No one is exempt from tragedies; they can happen anywhere. Should we create victims by prohibiting concealed carry on campus?

Ask yourself if you would rather be defenseless, crammed in a room if a gunman were on campus or if you would rather have a knowledgeable person with a gun to help protect you.

Samantha Verrill is a journalism major. She can be reached for comments and questions at [email protected].

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