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McDonald’s shares some lovin’ during the Super Bowl

Courtesy of youtube
Courtesy of youtube

“You payed with love and that’s all we need,” from the McDonald’s $4.5 million Super Bowl commercial, thus kicking off a new campaign into the new month.

If you didn’t watch yesterday’s Super Bowl Commercials, you most definitely missed out on McDonald’s newest promotion.

McDonald’s is spreading some “lovin” by allowing randomly selected customers to pay for their meals with affectionate acts like telling your mom you love her, giving a hug or sending a selfie.

The campaign will span from February 2 to 14, and if you haven’t watched the commercial yet, watch it now.

I was so moved from watching McDonald’s heartwarming commercial that I called my mom to tell her that I love her. After my call, I almost got up to take time out of my day and reunite with a Quarter Pounder with cheese.

Almost. Then I remembered why I’m on a 6 year streak being McDonald’s free. I remember the documentary “Super Size Me,” where a man ate nothing but McDonald’s for a month. At the end of experiment, he gained 25 pounds, fell into depression, developed heart palpitation and sexual dysfunction (no more “lovin” it anymore).

Being in college, I’m constantly on the hunt for free food, so the question arises: “If it was free, would I stoop so low as to order a Big Mac?” The answer is no. And I didn’t need any more than 3 seconds to think about it.

Brian Balke, SMU student and roommate, begs to differ: “If given the option of a free meal at McDonald’s, I would find something on the menu worth consuming.” I hope it’s worth the cholesterol bud.

Well, I hope he orders the fat-free water.

Despite “MythBusters” star Grant Imahara’s documentary to show viewers that McDonald’s contains semi-real ingredients, I continue to imagine the that pink slime in their beef.

McDonald’s novel Super Bowl commercial will move you to show your family how much you love them, but will it move you to the register to order off their menu?

For Brian it might, but for me I’m steering clear of the golden arch.

If you were to google “Is McDonald’s healthy,” the search will come up with a slew of articles shedding light on the true ingredients of McDonald’s menu.

Granted, other fast food restaurants remain as guilty as McDonald’s but that’s another story for another time.

For those who can stomach food from McDonald’s, get pumped for possibly free food. For those who are looking for a reason to consume McDonald’s, here’s your excuse: possibly free food.

I’m going to step away from the hating and let those who are genuinely excited, be excited.

I’ll admit, I’ve watched their Super Bowl commercial several times because it really got to me. There are no breaks on this feels train.

And while money can’t buy love, love can buy you McNuggets, Hot and Spicy and the tempting Mcflurry with M&M;’s. ​

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