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VIDEO: Favor, the on-demand personal delivery assistant


By Ashley Almquist

With strong job growth in small businesses, the city of Dallas is an environment for start-ups to grow. One start-up is using smartphones to grow its business.

“We were able to upgrade our technology and hire engineers,” said Jeremy Johnson, Favor’s Dallas Operations Manager. So now we are constantly improving the app everyday.”

Favor is an on demand personal delivery assistant that allows users to request anything from food to clothes to be delivered. With a few taps on your smart phone you can get almost anything you need delivered right to your door.

Favor hires runners to make deliveries creating flexible jobs for those looking to expand their income.

“Obviously its really good pay,” said Favor Runner Drew Rankin. “But, aside from that, I wanted to do something that kept me busy, but was flexible; I can set my own hours anytime I want.”

Orders are managed through the software and runners are immediately sent to pick them up. To place an order, users can type what they need and wait for their delivery.

“I think it’s good,” said Favor customer Christian Bender. “Sometimes they’re fast but sometimes they aren’t as fast as they say they are.”

Rankin said customer demand keeps their job busy.

“Literally as you’re finishing one, you get another one right away,” said Rankin. “It’s really busy”

Favor was founded in Austin and came to Dallas last November. It also has locations in Boston and Houston, but is currently looking to expand to more cities.

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