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4 ways to spend your Fall Break


The long-awaited Fall Break is finally here, a much-needed respite from the midterms and projects that occupy this part of the year for SMU students. But what is the best way to spend your time off? Here are four popular ways that many students spend their short break off from the monotony of classes.

Visiting family

Fall Break is really the first chance that students have to get away from campus for a little while and go back home to see their families. While the feasibility of this depends on how far you have to travel from your home to get to SMU, getting some quality time to spend with your family is one great way to way spend your Fall Break.

Some students even skip classes near the beginning or end of Fall Break to make extra time for that stop back home to see the folks. Or maybe it’s just so they can squeeze in some quality time with their dogs– everyone seems to miss their dogs most of all.

For whatever the reason, Fall Break is the perfect time to schedule a trip back home.


While this is not likely anyone’s first choice to do during a break from school, I am sure that it is a necessity for some. With midterms littering the month of October and large essays and research projects underway, Fall Break could serve as a chance to catch up on all of that homework that you have been putting off, or that is past due, and to get yourself caught up with your classes.

Spending break working is certainly a drag, but the stress and time saved upon returning to school could make spending at least some time studying over Fall Break a worthwhile endeavor.

ACL/Short trip

1401x788-Chvrches ACL-22.jpg
(Courtesy of the Rolling Stones)

Maybe you are not interested in visiting your family, but still want to get away from campus for the weekend. One of Austin City Limits’ weekends always tends to fall during SMU’s Fall Break, and heading down to Austin to see your favorite artist could be a great weekend getaway. Plus, this year’s line up is fantastic. But be warned: if you do not already have tickets, it may be too late to attend.

Other options could include camping, visiting friends around Texas, or simply spending the weekend exploring famous Dallas sites.


Let’s be honest, with all of the midterms and work we’ve had to deal with recently, what we all could use is some more sleep. Whether it is sleeping in, actually getting to bed on time, or taking long naps throughout the day, getting some more sleep during Fall Break is certainly something that is needed.

So be sure to get some rest and enjoy whatever it is you decide to do with your time off.

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