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Life is fuller now: 10 reasons to watch ‘Fuller House’

Every ‘90s kid and Full House fan was overjoyed when the news broke that Netflix was producing a sequel series to the beloved show that ran from 1987 to 1995. Fuller House continues the story of the Tanner clan 20 years after the show ended.

Courtesy of Netflix.

Rumors swirled around who would be coming back, what the show would be about and whether or not the series would be as good as the original. Lots of people were very worried that the Netflix series would be corny and be a terrible follow up to the show that ran for eight seasons.

The show premiered Feb. 26 and Netflix was flooded with eager fans that wanted to see how the show was remade. Critics weren’t crazy about it, but fans of the original show were overwhelmed with nostalgia and love for the sequel series.

Here are the 10 reasons to give Fuller House a try:


1. Past cast members come back

The opening episode featured almost every past cast member from the show, even Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, who played Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky’s twin sons Nicky and Alex. Throughout the season Uncle Jesse, Joey, Danny and Aunt Becky make appearances, causing everyone to wistfully remember the 1990s. They even bring back Stephanie’s “husband”, Harry Takayama, from season 2 of Full House and D.J.’s old boyfriend Steve gets a larger role in the show.

Courtesy of Facebook.


2. The subtle jabs at Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Michelle Tanner is the youngest of the three sisters from the original show and was played by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The twins did not participate in the reboot due to scheduling conflicts. Throughout the show the characters make references to the twins, as Michelle and the Olsen’s, that are pointed and add humor to the show.


3. John Stamos has not aged…at all

Uncle Jesse is still great looking, with loads of hair and leather pants.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.35.57 PM.png
Courtesy of Instagram.


4. Max Fuller

D.J. Fuller’s middle son Max is hands-down the cutest part of the show. He is funny, adorable and a little bit of a clean freak like Danny Tanner was. Plus he begs for a puppy and then viewers get to see a golden retriever puppy running around the set for the rest of the season.


5. Dr. Matt Harmon

D.J. grows up to be a veterinarian and works with the very attractive Dr. Matt Harmon. This creates a love triangle between D.J., Matt and Steve. Fans have been picking sides by using either #teammatt and #teamsteve on Twitter.


6. References and flashbacks

In a few of the episodes there are flashbacks to episodes in the original show that fans know and love. Famous catch lines from the characters also come back, think, “have mercy”, “how rude” and “you got it dude”.

Courtesy of Facebook.


7. Famous guest stars

Famous celebrities guest star appear in the show playing either themselves or other characters. Candace Cameron Bure’s Dancing with the Stars costars Maksim and Calentin Chmerkovskiy made appearances in an early episode with Macy Gray and San Francisco Giant right fielder Hunter Pence plays Stephanie’s boyfriend in one episode.


8. Addressing real problems

The show addresses real problems that families have to tackle together, like infertility, death, divorce and loss. Writers and producers balanced it out with humor and successfully addressed some of the deeper issues that everyone has to deal with throughout life.


9. It’s edgy

Unlike the original show, Fuller House references drugs, sex and drinking. There are also a few steamy scenes and awkward, unexpected kisses.


10. Season 2

On March 2, Netflix announced that the show would be renewed for season 2. After less than a week it became clear to Netflix that they had created a winner and America is not ready to see the Tanner/Fuller house go away.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.45.53 PM.png
Courtesy of Instagram.
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