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SMU a desirable school for all ages

Let’s go ahead and get the big news out of the way – I’m not as young as I used to be. In fact, I’m older than just about any student on this campus at a whopping 24-years old.

I’ve been alive long enough to see a non-Bush, Clinton or Obama in the White House. I’ve been on this earth when there was a Berlin wall up and running, and been old enough to drink alcohol for over three and a half years (don’t fool yourself kids, it’s overrated).

So what have I done with my time on this earth that has seen me travel to three continents, three different institutions of higher education, five countries and nearly half the states in the continental United States?


I’ve seen the best and worst of people and some of the most glorious and horrifying sights in the history of humanity have crossed my eyes in just a quarter of a century.

Now, 190 words into this piece, you’re probably wondering, “What’s this guy on about?” That’s simple enough to answer, so here it goes: I’m happy here with you people.

SMU certainly has its faults, and that stereotype of its students is not without a bit of truth, but for the most part, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience after some of the times I’ve faced elsewhere.

As a transfer student from a nearby community college, I got used to seeing some of the older crowds come in and out of classes. I would actually say that I was about the average age of most students when I was set to leave for bigger and brighter things at the Hilltop.

What a surprise it was when I first arrived for my first class last August and found that I had gone from average to way above par.

It definitely took awhile to get squared away and get used to the drive down Central every morning (seriously, can anyone in this town drive?), but with time came a feeling of rejuvenation thanks to fellow Mustangs.

No matter what any of us plan on being once we get out of here, tremendous debt and all, we’re all here together now.

It may have been different paths, and the age gap may not be as close as some of you were thinking, but it’s still true.

I’ve done my fair share of screwing up and wasting my time in my life, but I’m not sure if I would want to change any of it.

I may be older than almost any undergraduate in this place, but I feel like I’m back at Wilson Middle School, learning new information with an invigorated sense of belief like never before.

Maybe I’m not as young as I wish I was in my junior year of college, but I hope all of you have had the life I’ve enjoyed by the time you’re an old fart.

Costa is a junior majoring in journalism.  

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