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Coachella to Beychella — How will Weekend 2 compare?


From the trendy outfits to countless guest performers, Coachella Weekend 1 brought more than anyone could’ve imagined to kick off festival season. Coachella sets the tone for the culture and style we will see throughout festival season.

Being just a couple of hours outside of Los Angeles, Coachella is crawling with celebrities, models, influencers and everyday festival-goers. Coachella is always its own version of a fashion show.

After seeing so many celebrities and influencers at Weekend 1, it will be interesting to see if Weekend 2 brings a similar crowd or if these people are there a little more for the music than they are for the “show.”

SMU is full of students from California, some having grown up going to this festival. Of course when there is style and trend involved, you can be sure to find a couple of SMU students around.

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“By far, I loved people watching. Seeing everyone’s outfits and the differences between all the trends and looks was so much fun. Peoples’ personalities were reflected in their festival looks. I went for the more traditional Boho Coachella look, but it wasn’t really a costume for me,” said Ali Mikles, a sophomore.

Not only is this apparent when looking for styles to watch, but with a stacked lineup over both weekends, there is nothing to expect except celebrities. It seems that almost all of the top celebrities attended Weekend 1 whether they were a guest performer or simply a guest at the festival.

Among the lengthy list of incredible performers, one seemed to take the cake. You may have heard that Coachella is considering a name change to “Beychella.”

“Beyoncé was definitely my favorite performer. I wasn’t expecting that big of a production. It was like the Super Bowl! But besides Beyoncé, I loved Kygo. He brought out so many guest stars. It was perfect since he is a DJ; having guests come out added so much to his performance,” Mikles added.

Looks like Beyoncé might have a little competition after Weekend 1. With so many incredible music options, let’s see who will be the star of Weekend 2.

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