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Seven students launch SMU Crave, a new campus lifestyle website

Screenshot of SMU Crave’s homepage. Photo credit: Micah Flores

SMU students launched publication SMU Crave Monday, April 15, to create an inclusive online campus community where everyone can voice their unique perspectives on an accepting platform.

“The purpose of SMU Crave is to introduce the idea that we are always craving something,” co-founder Zach Wilson said. “We want to know the hottest spots, the hottest foods, the cool things to do in a city or on campus!”

SMU Crave allows every student to write their thoughts, get questions answered and share the hidden gems in Dallas. It gives all students a platform to share what is important to them. Co-founder Avery Cooper said Crave is important because it is uncensored and real, and anyone who wants a voice can have one.

“We don’t care about perfection– the perfect designer outfit, best place to find the most expensive rosé in Dallas, etc.,” Cooper said. “We care about honesty and realism.”

Co-founder Mary Grace Metheny said the idea for SMU Crave came from big lifestyle sites, but the SMU Crave founders wanted to make their site specific to campus life. The founders wanted to make a spin-off The Daily Campus and SMU Look that would create a place for SMU students outside of Journalism to be involved.

“We want to create a place where people can come for on-campus information, fun posts about campus culture, and to find out things to do in Dallas,” Metheny said.

Metheny said the website is simple enough for all students to use. SMU students can pitch their ideas on the website. The site allows students to ask questions about fun places to study or how to register for classes. The editors will find the information for the students.

“SMU should expect to see candid perceptions of the dynamic city in which we live,” Cooper said. “We will accept submissions from the SMU community and hope to give people a chance to share their thoughts, secrets, hacks, stories and opinions.”

The seven founders have produced an Instagram account along with the website. They were inspired by the idea everyone is unique but can come together to give SMU a channel to learn and discover from each other.

“Crave is for the people–for the community,” Cooper said.

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