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Fresh Music Friday: The Band CAMINO

If you’re like me, you spend the long arduous minutes walking from class to class with your headphones in your ears and your music turned all the way up. However, sometimes the playlist curated by Spotify just don’t satisfy the itch for new and interesting music. We all have that one friend who knows way too much about that weird indie band who has only released one EP and records from inside their garage. Don’t pretend like you don’t know exactly what kind of person I’m talking about. We all have one, and if you don’t, well, you’re in luck.

I’m here to be that friend.

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday, a new way for you to navigate the world of music without having to leave the comforts of your home.

This week’s fresh catch is the alternative, indie rock group originally from Memphis, Tennessee. Now mainly recording out of Nashville, The Band CAMINO is composed of four young musicians, Jeffrey Jordan, Spencer Stewart, Graham Rowell, and Garrison Burgess. With their use of thoughtful lyrics and engaging musicianship, their sound borders between nostalgic and innovative.

Here’s three ways to become their newest and biggest fan.

1. Tryhard

This is the band’s newest album, and after waiting for close to a year, fans were not disappointed. The album radiates heat, from the strong percussion to the thoughtful guitar riffs. When you press play, you are immediately transported to a place that’s warm and inviting and is probably populated by hipsters wearing retro windbreakers.

Top song picks of the album: What I Want, Daphne Blue, and Break Me.

2. Heaven

This EP hit the airwaves in 2017 and begs to be blasted while you drive down the highway with your stereo turned all the way up and the wind blowing in your face. Some of the band’s best lyrics are on this EP, with lines like:

“Give me ’til twenty-three, I need another year for this

Trying to teach my common sense to not waver with my confidence

Traded my soul to free my mind, carmex to help me pass the time

Can I go back to being blind

Asked myself why one too many times,”

-My Thoughts On You

This album combines bittersweet lyricism and upbeat melodies to create a versatile compilation of music.

Top Song Picks: My Thoughts On You and California.

3. I Spend Too Much Time in My Room

And finally, this one will hurt, but that’s what makes it so good. This song resonates particularly with our generation, speaking to a group of young people about expectations, anxiety, and disconnection. This song digs a hole into your soul and decides to live there long after you’ve finished the song. With simple, yet poignant lyrics, and a guitar solo that will tug on your heart strings, this one’s for the long nights of the soul in… well, in your room.

Honorable Mentions-

Know Me


For a While

And there you have it, you’re practically a hipster now. In fact, it’s your lucky day because they will be playing Weekend 2 at Austin City Limits in October and performing at the House of Blues in Dallas on October 13th. Don’t be shy, go and support your new favorite band, no judgement.

Happy listening, see you next week.

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