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Great things to come this fall at SMU

I woke up to ambulance sirens at 1:00am Sunday night. “Oh yes,” I thought, “I’m definitely back at SMU.”

We’re all (finally) back on campus. That is, unless you’re a first-year student. In that case, welcome to the Hilltop. We’re all glad you’re here.

I have to say I truly missed our university. We’re all returning from our summer jobs, internships and vacations.

We’ve left our real families at home and have come back to our chosen families ­- our friend circles. We’re back in the grind and ready to learn.

Of course, being back in Dallas has its perks and its negatives. The sweltering heat is something none of us can change but we suffer together in between classes as beads of moisture gather on our bodies.

And of course most of us are not used to walking a mile or two a day to get to our various destinations on campus.

Then, there’s that whole we’re-going-to-spray-DEET-on-you phenomenon that Highland Park is initiating. However, I’m a Louisiana boy at heart and I can assure you that it is a good thing.

Despite our grievances or annoyances, Dallas Hall is now always in sight, our friends roam campus with us, and it just feels darn good to be back at SMU.

Over the summer, some great things have happened to our university that I want to point out.

First, if you haven’t noticed the construction around campus then you need to check yourself because it’s everywhere. Although the orange fences are frustrating and I miss the days where I could cut over to Daniel Avenue from Binkley Garage this construction is a sign of progression. Bravo President Turner for continuing to improve our school at great strides.

Furthermore, SMU finally maneuvered its way off of the Princeton Review’s Top 20 Homophobic Colleges. It’s about time.

The ALLIES stickers on most of my professors’ doors make me feel like I’m at a gay pride parade. We thank you for your psychological support. And of course to Karen Click and those in the Women’s Center for making that happen. SMU continues to be a loving place for all of its students.

Finally, we welcomed a new class of students on campus this fall. Whether undergrad or those braving the obstacles of grad school, seeing new students peruse campus warms my heart. I laugh at the new packs of boys and throngs of girls exploring the grounds together, and I wish you all the best.

If you fall in love with SMU half as much as I did you will consider your four (or five or six) years as an undergrad here the best years of your life. And for those of you in grad school here – good luck. I’ll see you in the library for hours on end.

For now, I’ll return to my humble abode in Daniel House where the paint peels and is probably still infused with lead, but it’s now home. And if home is where the heart is, well then my home is at SMU.

Michael is a junior majoring in communication studies and religious studies. He can be reached for comment at [email protected]

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