SMU student injured after getting hit by motor vehicle on campus

HIGHLAND PARK — An SMU student was hit by a motor vehicle at about 10 a.m. while crossing the crosswalk on the intersection between University Blvd and Airline Road, officials said.

Onlookers called emergency services immediatley, and an ambulance arrived to transport the victim to the hospital. Police vehicles from the Highland Police Department arrived shortly after to inspect the scene.

“It definitely was shocking,” Preston Weaks said, a senior at SMU who witnessed the event. “I hope she’s okay.”

Weaks is one of the student-pedestrians who frequently uses that crosswalk on his way to class everyday. The crosswalk connects the SMU Catholic Center, the former Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house, and the Simmons Education Centre.

“There was an accident involving a SMU [female] student and an individual in a vehicle, who struck the student,” said University Park Police Officer Lita Snellgrove. “She was taken to the hospital for evaluation and has been released.”

Officials are unsure about the speed the vehicle was travelling in at the time of the accident.

The SMU Police Department declined to provide a statement on the incident.