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Fashion media launches website

Calling all fashionistas: the fashion media program at SMU is introducing a new website that will feature all the latest fashion news. The website will be officially up and running as of Monday.

At, viewers can expect to find “all sorts of content related to fashion with an SMU-in-Dallas twist,” Camille Kraeplin, director of the fashion media program, said.

The website will be regularly updated with various content ranging from feature stories to blogs and little fashion finds or current trends and obsessions.

“Many of the pieces will go much more in-depth with the subject matter and have information students can use to educate themselves about what’s going on in the fashion industry,” SMU senior and student editor of the website Grace Davis said.

Ultimately, the idea of the website is for students to learn about the fashion community, not just at SMU, but beyond.

Another noteworthy feature of the website will be a piece called “On the Boulevard.” This section will be modeled after “On the Street,” the weekly piece in The New York Times by Bill Cunningham in which he captures candid shots of the latest fashion trends on the streets of New York City.

“We are going to be photographing all kinds of people who we think are fashionably dressed,” Kraeplin said. “Something that’s cool, something that’s creative.”

Students in Kraeplin’s fashion journalism class are responsible for 100 percent of the content published on the website.

“I wanted the fashion journalism course to be a place where students were really applying their skills,” Kraeplin said about the capstone course for one of SMU’s newest minors. “They were doing fashion media, fashion journalism, and it’s not as real if you don’t have an outlet for your work.”

With that in mind, Kraeplin modeled the entire course around the addition of the website.

Luckily for Kraeplin, she was given a very knowledgeable group of students during her first time offering and instructing the course.

“Most of the students in this class have had a wealth of experience,” she said.

Kraeplin is thrilled to have a class with members who have already obtained experience in fashion journalism.

From established bloggers to girls who have had internships with fashion companies and publications, these skilled students help create and contribute to all that goes into the website.

“The talent and amount of fashion knowledge in this class is significant, so I’m just really excited about the level of ability we have in this class,” Kraeplin said.

Kraeplin is also excited about having Kristie Ramirez, a fashion writer for Texas Monthly, on board. Ramirez serves as an editorial consultant, in which she helps by attending story and editorial meetings and helping students in any other ways they might need.

“It’s very beneficial for me to be around this next generation of journalists,” Ramirez said. “I want to hear what they think, see how they work with social media and understand their world just as much as they want to understand mine.”

Kraeplin said that with the help of Ramirez comes a “really good eye for fashion writing and for helping us judge the quality of stories.”

While many students are already familiar with the style section of The Daily Campus — as the coursework for a specific class — the fashion media website will be somewhat different for just that reason.

“The site’s purpose and mission might even change from class to class depending upon who is in the class,” Davis said. “Our current class is very up to date with the national fashion news and social media trends, and I think that will shape what you see on the site.”

Students who are interested in taking the course can easily go and see what sort of things they could expect to do once enrolled in the class simply by visiting the website.

To stay updated with fashion in and outside of SMU, visit

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