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The Way I See It: Skipping Thanksgiving

Finding a middle ground between the Christmas overload and being a Grinch

I always forget about Thanksgiving. I decked out my apartment for Halloween this year: pumpkins were everywhere, different quirky signs read “Happy Halloween,” and my dog was forced into a pumpkin costume.

That all went down Nov. 1 and 18 days later, my tree is up, green and red can’t be missed and twinkle lights now take the place of air conditioning to push up my electricity bill.

I guess I shouldn’t feel too badly, I’m not the only one to mentally jump to December. Neiman Marcus is full of cheer already and people are dangling from the tops of ladders trying to make their houses look the best on the block.

Many say, “bah humbug” to my excitement for the holidays. I simply ignore that and continue listening to Bing Crosby. But maybe those who say this in the middle of November have a point.

There’s an entire holiday before we all deck the halls. “Skipping” the anticipation for Thanksgiving would be like celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, forgetting about Easter, and getting pumped up for the Fourth of July.

Thanksgiving has a lot to be excited for. One major aspect is that we get a couple of days off to escape from essays and upcoming exams.

Along with leaving history reading behind, we have traditions to look forward to. Many of us are going home-I get to go to the mountains, where it actually feels like Winter.

I will also be waking up to the sound of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on that Thursday morning. (Why does my mother still turn that on? Who knows? I’m not a four year old excited to see Santa, and neither is either one of my parents).

However, I will be excited for the meal. I’ll skip the turkey my mom has focused on and go straight for the cranberry sauce and stuffing-maybe even some sweet potatoes if I’m particularly wild this year.

Then, the best part comes. Watching the Cowboys while offered some pumpkin pie.

So maybe this year, I’ll take my Frank Sinatra Christmas CD out of my car and keep the twinkle lights unplugged until Black Friday.

Christmas is exciting and cheery; it keeps a smile on my face at all times. But I, like others, forget about that one holiday in between finding the best costume and compiling a wish list.

We all should get excited for the holidays, don’t say “bah humbug,” but find a good middle ground. Appreciate this holiday that’s celebrated for a reason.

So make sure to travel safely, root for the Cowboys, boo the Raiders, and enjoy the turkey this November.

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