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Hibiscus provides a simple gourmet meal

Complimentary valet parking indicates that Hibiscus, at 2927 North Henderson Avenue, boasts both refinement and class. The convenient location and short distance from SMU gives students a convenient option for fine dining.

The growing area is perfect for filling an afternoon and home to numerous antique stores, consignment shops and other trendy spots.

The face of the restaurant is intriguing because of its original name and ornate logo. An inviting door mimics the interior’s theme of simplistic, rustic elegance. Once inside, the cordial hostess quickly seats you with the help of a typed reservation list – which seating in the main room requires.

The overall mission-style shines through in comfortable chairs, hanging chandeliers and square mirrors. Half of a rock wall circles the main hall, creating a homey and cozy space. The tables are placed at a comfortable and roomy distance from surrounding furniture. Clean and appealing bathrooms reinforce the restaurant’s authentic look.

Seating for 260 guests is available in the central room with an additional room for 60 in the third dining room, called the “Veranda.” Private events and rentals are available in the Veranda. Hibiscus also boasts a large wine cellar, containing a diverse list of fine wines.

General Manager Robert Brown enlightened us about the history of Hibiscus with pride and delight. The restaurant’s three-year anniversary was celebrated Sunday. Owner Tristan Simon attributes the success of Hibiscus and his other nearby restaurants to a focus on the Dallas community. His company, Consilient Restaurants, is responsible for The Porch, Cuba Libre and Fireside Pies. Their accomplishments are recognized by many organizations and magazines. Hibiscus was voted Dallas’ second-best new restaurant for two consecutive years. Robert Brown also boasts that no advertising is necessary or responsible for the restaurant’s success.

In creation, Hibiscus was designed to be merely an extension of the guest’s home, providing a relaxing and straight-forward approach to dining. This allows the frills to be cut out, putting the focus on the dish itself.

The menu consisted of neatly organized choices, averaging about five options per category. The simple grouping prevents confusion and effectively describes the dish.

The crab cake appetizer is a must and is backed by awards and accolades. Other starters such as crab dip and lobster wraps entice the taste buds without ruining your appetite.

Famous main dishes include the “Brick,” an 18-ounce steak that is perfectly seasoned with a rustic flavor. The size of the meat does not leave much room for anything else on the plate, continuing the restaurant’s goal of simplicity.

The flaky halibut is accentuated with capers and baby artichoke, resulting in a fresh and refreshing taste. The lemon sole does not disappoint either. The perfectly cooked fish melts in your mouth and satisfies a big hunger because of the huge portion.

The famous macaroni and cheese provides a rich and original side to a meal. Generous desserts end the dining experience on a high note.

One helping will surely satisfy two or more guests by itself. By presenting the order with a focus on the food, Hibiscus allows its guests to enjoy simple yet tasty food without a confusion of flavors.

Although the bill is predicted to be upwards of $50 per person for a three- course night, the food and service are no less than the best. The natural and rustic style may fool some, but Hibiscus delivers high-end cuisine for prices that match. Satisfaction is almost guaranteed for anyone looking for a special night.

Hibiscus is becoming a fixture in the Dallas scene, and a visit to this restaurant is required in order to fully appreciate the city’s dining experiences.

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