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A-LEC mentor Feldman retires after 27 years

A-LEC mentor Feldman retires after 27 years

Throughout her 27-year-long career, A-LEC Senior Associate Director Patricia Feldman has served as mentor to countless numbers of students and as a source of inspiration to many.

Feldman said that she is still in touch with students from as long as 25 years ago. She still receives the occasional wedding invitation, baby announcement or career update from former students.

“It’s the success stories. And it’s not just the student who got a 4.0 every semester, but maybe those students who had a rough start…maybe didn’t find their way right away. And seeing them find that way…and develop confidence and direction and then go on to succeed, that is so cool,” Feldman said.

Now, as she plans to retire at the end of spring, she says she herself feels a bit like a high school senior, looking forward to moving on to college, but also feeling that everything is happening for the last time.

As Feldman plans to hand off her crucial role, the LEC aims to continue to provide students with the resources and opportunities that Feldman wants all students to take advantage of.

Included in those opportunities are free workshops open to all students, one-on-one academic counseling, tutoring and ORACLE classes.

Feldman said that students come to see her for a variety of reasons that range from time management and test-taking skills to how to stay awake in class and keep up with reading assignments.

“I get to see [first-years] and seniors, and all different kinds of situations, and what they have in common is that they’re all wanting to do the best they can do, and so my job is to help people do the best they can do,” Feldman said.

Feldman said that as she focuses on enjoying her last moments at the LEC, she is also preparing to pass on the responsibilities of her job.

“She brings a very dedicated, intuitive approach to working with students,” said Alexa Taylor, associate director of the LEC. “She has made this a better place for the time she has been here.”

In the upcoming year and beyond, the LEC will continue to provide support and opportunities to all students.

A-LEC Director Sue Bierman said that the overall goal of the LEC is to help students become independent learners. Students can use programs at the LEC to maximize their potential.

This year, the LEC is offering new classes specifically geared towards transfer students, international students (especially students who speak English as a second language) and veterans.

In addition to increasing outreach to these groups, other future goals include partnering with graduate students of the Simmons School of Education and connecting with Residence Life.

“Pat’s personality and her professionalism have influenced all of us,” Bierman said. “What’s the best interest of the student is our number one decision making factor, and we get that from Pat.”

“I know everything I do is going to be in great hands next semester,” Feldman said.

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