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Celebrity cupcakes in dozens of flavors at Sprinkles

Whoever said that you can have your cake and eat it, too, must have had Sprinkles Cupcakes in mind.

But at Sprinkles, the joy lies in having your own personal delicacy in a cupcake instead of an entire cake. The cupcakes at Sprinkles is are made with the world’s finest ingredients and are sold in an upbeat atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more.

“I really think it’s hard for someone to leave here unhappy. It’s a destination place, and people really look forward to coming to us for a celebration or a treat for themselves,” Dallas Assistant Manager and former Beverly Hills employee Emily Antrainer said.

People like Jake Gyllenhall, Teri Hatcher and Jessica Alba look forward to treats Sprinkles, just to name a few of the frequent celebrity visitors to the company’s original locationff in Beverly Hills.

Sprinkles opened its newest location in Dallas at Preston Center on Monday to an overwhelming crowd that lined the sidewalks for hours.

Customers stood in awe at the sight of the Sprinkles’ menu that features an array of flavors. From solid vanilla to chai latte, customers can choose from about a dozen flavors that are rotated daily.

No matter the flavor, each cupcake is handcrafted from premium ingredients and served fresh since they are baked throughout the day. Sprinkles uses pure Madagascar vanilla, Belgian chocolate and top-quality sprinkles from France. Cupcakes have no artificial flavors, trans-fat or preservatives.

Seasonal flavors such as chocolate marshmallow and apple are offered during holiday seasons. Customers may also choose from various sugar designs to adorn their cupcake for a unique party or gift-giving need.

To keep up with the Texan love of football and spirit, Sprinkles even offers a sugar design in the burnt orange shape of Bevo the Texas Longhorn.

What really drives Sprinkles’ success is not just the selection of cupcakes, but also in the impeccable outstanding service from their staff. Antrainer and Alexa Burgess, General Manager and a former employee of the Newport Beach store, moved to Dallas to open the store out of their passionate commitment to the company.

“Overall, it’s a fun job. We want it to be the best job you’ve ever had, just from the company culture and positive environment,” Burgess said. “Most of the time customers come in and are so excited; it just puts you in an amazing mood and gets you excited, too.”

The Sprinkles staff is helpful and knowledgeable in offering ideas and flavor choices for each customer. Dedicated and loyal employees are an extra bonus to the Sprinkles equation of a perfect cupcake experience.

“I think everyone tries their best to get along, and we have this nice unity and we’re definitely a team,” Antrainer said.

The Sprinkles team began when pastry chef Candace Nelson spent two years developing all the recipes from her own kitchen. She and her husband, Charles, opened the first Sprinkles store in April 2005 in Beverly Hills and the second location in Newport Beach in August 2006.

As the nation’s first cupcake-only bakery, Sprinkles received high-end press from The Oprah Winfrey Show, Access Hollywood and The New York Times, and it got celebrity praise from the likes of Tyra Banks, Barbra Streisand and Paris Hilton. Katie Holmes even had Sprinkles hand-delivered to her home within days of arriving from the hospital after giving birth to Suri Cruise.

Although Sprinkles does not currently hand deliver in the Dallas area, they are working on hiring a courier service so customers’ orders can be delivered.

Customers do have the option of placing advance orders for individual cupcakes or a dozen for specific occasions. Colored cupcake trays and candles to embellish cupcake orders are available as well.

Sprinkles is also environmentally friendly to their communities. Products such as forks, knifes and napkins are made from recycled material, and additional cupcakes at the end of the night are donated to a local food bank.

To truly experience the essence that is Sprinkles, visit the store at 4020 Villanova Drive anytime Monday-Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. or Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Additional information can be found at

Antrainer is a personal fan of ginger lemon and banana, while Burgess loves pumpkin year-round.

“If some people taste their first cupcake and they just think, ‘Oh, well, this is a good cupcake,’ then they haven’t found their perfect cupcake yet, because there is definitely a flavor for everybody!” Burgess said.

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