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Dallas’ La Duni serves up delicious homestyle Latin fare

Occupying a spot in the competitive Knox-Henderson area, La Duni, situated at 4620 McKinney Ave., fails to stand out aesthetically among the crowd.

The restaurant shares its building with two additional stores. This obviously creates a parking problem because of the other businesses. Although there is a small asphalt lot in front of La Duni, valet parking is the only choice if you don’t intend to walk many blocks. In addition to the hassle, valet is not even complimentary.

La Duni’s exterior is constructed of stucco walls and iron windows. Despite the annoying neighbors, the restaurant is still able to focus on a few details that add much appeal. The most apparent feature La Duni offers is the large porch and extensive outdoor eating area.

Here, yellow fabric drapes from the ceiling while brown chandeliers with red shades add elegance to the area. Granite tables and iron chairs with cushions provide some unusually nice outdoor seating. Completing the look, planters and pots grace the parameter, all holding semitropical and colorful flora.

Just like the outside, the interior of La Duni holds many personal and elegant elements. Fresh roses and other flowers adorn tables and structural components.

The overall color scheme is very warm and inviting as well. Earthy hues create a calm and comfortable environment. Mustard, brown and yellow are found in accents like napkins on the wooden tables and the faux-painted walls holding mirrors and other artwork.

The floors are an ornate mixture of wood and tile weaving into each other, while the ceiling is industrial black with exposed beams and metal. Chandeliers present an interesting contrast. Although the restaurant’s main floor emits luxury and elegance, small details prevent La Duni from reaching perfection. An awkwardly placed waiter stand is in the middle of the dining room, creating a constant traffic jam, an annoyance when there are up to 200 customers. Also, various wires and cords are conspicuous throughout the location.

La Duni’s history is truly a labor of love. Taco and Duni Borga, owners of La Duni and a few other restaurants around town, use their Latin and Spanish heritage to produce the most authentic food possible. Named after Mrs. Borga, the restaurant’s main creative design and cooking is a result of the couple’s efforts of love.

The chefs and wait staff also have a special relationship with the family. They are included and honored on the menu, which gives thanks to their dedication and hard work. Reservations are not required at La Duni but are advised during the rush hours of dinner and special occasions. Buy-outs, catering and takeout specials are also offered. Although La Duni’s building fits its Latin theme, it was previously Anzus.

The lunch and dinner menu contains a few, intensively designed dishes that showcase the restaurant’s skills. The individual price for a well-developed meal ranges over 20 dollars.

For an appetizer, the Pork Arepa Rellena is made of a Corn Mas Pattie, pork and tomato. This provides a homestyle taste that can be personalized with various sauces.

The Pollo al Aljibe consists of a half chicken glazed in orange citrus and pan sauce. Roasted plantains and rice complete the meal, which is plenty for two.

La Duni’s mojito is a must, while the Cuatro Leches is perfect for dessert.

With the great attention to detail, friendly and loving environment, and homestyle food, La Duni fashions a truly unique and inviting dining experience for all ages.

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