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Senate discusses budget, careers

Although Student Senate President Chip Hiemenz arrived 30minutes late to Tuesday afternoon’s student senate meeting,the senators addressed several budgetary items and listened toathletic-oriented officers’ reports in the president’sabsence.

The meeting opened with an appeal for student leadership fromJerry Alexander, director of the Hegi Family Career DevelopmentCenter.

“Career planning is planning for the future,”Alexander said.

The director informed the attending senators that 80 percent ofcompanies would consider a potential student regardless of thestudent’s major.

“We can set you up with the easiest interviews you willever get,” he said.

But only one third of this year’s senior class iscurrently registered with the center, Alexander said, and heappealed to the senators to encourage their constituents to utilizethe center’s resources.

Three other students spoke from the podium before the meetingbegan. Peter Schulte encouraged senators to help him increasenational exposure for the Dedman School of Law, Ashley Earnestasked for help in spreading the word about open positions on theboard of directors for Mustang Marathon and Anish Tailor ask forthe senators’ participation in the Hindu StudentOrganization’s art exhibit tonight in the Hughes-Triggpromenade.

Senators had three items of financially related business. Thefinance committee reported its recommendations for the funding oftwo separate projects.

Student Foundation asked for $718 to purchase 50 magnetic signsto be used during Homecoming. The committee voted unanimously torecommend the expenditure, nine votes in favor and two abstentions,because the signs should be able to be reused, year after year, asopposed to buying the necessary cardboard and paint decorationsevery year.

The environmental committee requested $92 for the materials tomake 25 stake signs, including three rolls of Velcro, three pairsof scissors and two staple guns. No one on the finance committeerecommended support of the request, 10 votes against and oneabstention, because of concerns that the supplies would be lost inthe Student Activities Center.

In new business, the senate listened to a bill to fund ProgramCouncil’s Black Awareness Committee $750 for a soul fooddinner. Ada Esedebe, the African-American senator, and a guestrepresentative from the Program Council committee answeredquestions from senators regarding the funding for the dinner.Esedebe said the dinner would be focused on educating people abouttraditional African dinner.

The bill was not opened to debate. Senate will vote on the billat next Tuesday’s meeting.

The three presented officer reports all referenced ways to raiseattendance at Saturday’s football game.

President Chip Hiemenz, Vice President Liz Healy and DirectorArlene Manthey strongly encouraged members of senate to lead byexample and attend both Boulevard tailgating and all athleticevents in general.

Hiemenz reminded students to show their support for the Mustangfootball team and said, “Senate should really lead the wayand take the initiative to go to games,” while Healy wrote inthe Order of Business memo to senators, “Can’t wait tosee everyone on the Boulevard this Saturday! GoMustangs!”

Manthey reminded the students that it was important to supportall the varsity sports on campus, not just the football program,and said, “It is very important to get students in theseats.”

President Hiemenz did not arrive at the 3:30 p.m. meeting untilafter 4 p.m. because of a dual commitment to attending the provostsearch committee meeting as the official studentrepresentative.

During his approximate 15 minutes at the senate meeting, Hiemenzasked senate to approve a new investment committee chair, MattAuste.

The senate voted unanimously to approve the new addition. Theinvestment committee takes a small portion of the student fees andinvests it in low-risk stocks.

Hiemenz said he was confident that Auste would increase thevalue of the stock and succeed in the new position.


Published in the 9-3-04 edition of The DailyCampus

Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Campus incorrectlyrefered to Chip Hiemenz as “student senate president.”His correct title is “student body president.”

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