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The Daily Campus

The Daily Campus

The Independent Voice of Southern Methodist University Since 1915

The Daily Campus

The Independent Voice of Southern Methodist University Since 1915

The Daily Campus



To: Tommy JohnsonLove you like a sister!!!From: Elizabeth Dupell

To: Tommy JohnsonLove ya like a sis!From: Laura Grahn

To: FeFeI see you ALTOIDS every night while you sleep at night.From: Sunney

To: Alex StocletI want your bodyFrom: Someone SpecialHappy Halloween!

To: Amanda MervineHappy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!



Shout out to everyone from P.G.From: El Zurdo

To: SMU Alumni and StudentsThe Brangeta Design Group would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween and invite you to visit what will be our new homepage at brangeta.comFrom: Brandon Brown

To: SMU students, alumni, friendsTake advantage of 25 percent off portraits for a great family Christmaspresent. or 903-235-1692

To: GarvieYou are my darling cherub! Let’s run through the desert together and ride camels.From: Camel

To: PerunaWe love you! More than the Mustangs!From: SMU students

To: JohnYou smell scaryFrom: Casey

To: ChrisYou’re spookyFrom: Casey

To: CodyI’m scared of youFrom: Casey

To: NikkiHappy Halloween! You’re the candle to my Jack-O-Lanter!From: Randall

To: GeorgeDon’t wet your pantsFrom: Casey

To: Rob LambethHappy Halloweeeeen!From: Jess

To: REKHappy Halloween!Love: NIKKI

To: Leigh DodsonYou’ll always be my Valentine.From: Sam Sykes

To: Max SutroYou looked cute in your sleep last night.From: Anonymous

To: Thomas AndrewsYou should wash your hairFrom: Anonymous

To: Natalie NorrisCan’t wait for our super spooky Halloween in Chicago!From: Mel

To: Kiran JauraCGP…hahaFrom: Lina Mattar

To: Nelly Shora (Caramel)haha…CGP see you at the partyFrom: Lina Mattar

To: Amy, Jordan, and the Rotunda StaffHave a ‘spooktacular’ Halloween!From: Jay

To: Dyann, Diana, Brandon, and the SMC Student StaffYou’re all so good it’s scary…Happy Halloween!From: Jay

To: Nicole and the rest of the DC staffHave a fun and safe Halloween!From: Jay

To: Quintin JohnsonI’m Rick James!From: Eric Hill

To: Rachel C.Boo! Don’t spill your CANDY!From: Blaire

To: AllisonI want to carve your pumpkin! Love you, hot roommate!From: Stephanie

To: Dana OgreanYou are the wind beneath our wings!From: T and S

To: DorothyHappy Halloween to the best roommate a girl could ask for!From: Maddy

To: LizetteHappy Halloween to my smart super sister!!From: Maddy

To: April LizHappy Halloween to the BEST work out buddy EVER!From: Maddy

To: BrotherHappy Halloween “Bear” Bryant! I love you lots! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!XOXO Sister

To: KelseyBoo! Happy Halloween! I can’t wait to dress up and have fun with you!From: Maddy

To: Julia TaylorThis ain’t your typical Halloween ya’ll!From: Harriet and Lois

To: Casey, George and EllieHappy Halloween! This Kitty looks just like Ellie, but probably smells better…Love, Kelsey

To: SAEThe Ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma wish the gentleman of SAE a Happy Halloween! Cheers to Homecoming!From: KKG

To: KelseyBoo!From: Casey

To: #17You should have no excuse for dropping the ball this weekend;)…Happy Halloween!From: Anonymous

To: LindseyHappy belated birthday and Halloween! I love you!From: Leigh

To: ChehondiaI love you so much! Have fun in the hotel on Halloween! Call the bat phone!From: Khadijah

To: KDChiI love all my sisters! Have a happy and safe Halloween! From: Cynthia Orta

To: John McGooganI can’t wait to party with you on Halloween. I miss not hanging out in the hotel motel Holiday Inn, baby.From: Treat

To: The WorldPray for world peace and lots of candy. From: Random Guy

To: Nice guy that donated a dollar, but didn’t write a messageThanks for supporting the student press!From: The Daily Campus

To: Madeline SmithBoo…did I scare you?From: Lena Derisavifard

To: Danielle ThersonYou’re needed in the bat cave! Woah.From: Lena (your partner in crime).

To: Java CityTo all my pumpkin heads at Java City, good Job.From: Felecia Ray

To: Rebecca RohusHappy Halloween!From: Morgan McVicker

To: MannyLay off the coffee! But I do like your funny take on current events.From: Phil

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