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Student Senate Endorsements

Every year during student body officer election time, EdBoard makes candidate endorsements for the office of president,vice president and secretary. As with any election, Ed Board asksthat you examine the candidates and their platforms carefully inorder to make an educated vote. The Senate election, originallyslated to run from Wednesday, Feb. 26 to Thursday, Feb. 27, hasbeen postponed due to this week’s severe weather, but will berescheduled.

President – Michael Dorff

With three extemely qualified candidates running for the officeof student body president, the Editorial Board was presented with atough decision of whom to endorse for the position. In the end,Michael Dorff came out ahead, because of his impressive history inSenate, his understanding of what the job entails and hiswillingness to turn the Senate around from the listless body thatit has been this year.

Dorff served as a first-year senator, a Dedman I senator and aMeadows senator before becoming Speaker of the Senate this year;after Chief of Staff Robbie McDonough resigned from his position,Dorff effectively stepped up his responsibilities, and has beenfriendly and outgoing in trying to keep the Daily Campus staff andthe campus updated and informed on Senate activities.

Dorff’s platform is designed to help the Senate “jump back intothe advocacy role,” something which is sorely needed after theSenate’s depressing record in passing legislation for students thisyear (the one exception being the TEG grant). Based on hisplatform, it seems that he would like to change the role ofsenators from student representatives to student delegates. Hesupports re-defining the role of the vice president, who would do1-on-1 training with senators to better serve students, and theimplementation of an accountability system. He is also in favor ofpassing legislation to create a Senate advisory board, which hasnever existed in the past but would be helpful in determining whatstudents want from their Senate.

Vice president – Write in Thomas Kincaid

We are very fortunate this year that there is a candidate on theballot extremely qualified to hold the office of vice president.Sadly, that candidate is not one of the people competing for thisposition, neither of whom the Editorial Board feels comfortableendorsing.

Kyle Hiemenz is enthusiastic, to be sure, but he has no historyin the Senate. Perhaps that inexperience explains his unrealisticplatform, which demonstrates a lack of understanding of the role ofthe vice president and proposes initiatives that are unrealistic.Heimenz’s eagerness could lead him to do great things on campus,but he is not yet ready to hold a student body office.

Heimenz’s opponent, Lyndsey Hummert, is a Senate insider who iswell aware of the vice president’s duties. But Hummert’s actions inthe past have shown that her first loyalty is not to the studentbody, but to the Senate. Hummert’s refusal while membershipcommittee chair to release vote totals during last semester’selection scandal indicates that she cares more about protecting theSenate than serving the students of SMU. To reward heranti-democratic history with a promotion to the vice presidencywould be a disservice to the entire campus.

But if neither of the declared candidates is acceptable, whomshould you vote for? The Editorial Board has considered thisquestion and come up with an option that would give the studentbody a truly qualified vice president: voters should use thewrite-in option to cast their votes for Thomas Kincaid.

Kincaid’s experience in the Senate would make him the perfectperson to orchestrate an effective Senate term. He would beperfectly positioned to help senators better serve theirconstituents. The vice president helps set the tone in the Senate.The position requires someone who knows how the Senate works, whocan motivate senators, who has a passion for helping the campus andwho has a dedication to the student body. Kincaid more than fitsthe bill. He’s the perfect choice for vice president. It’s a shamehe didn’t run for the job. But that’s a rectifiable error.

The Editorial Board wholeheartedly encourages all voters to casttheir ballot for a truly qualified candidate by writing in ThomasKincaid for the position of vice president.

Secretary – Ashley Earnest

The Editorial Board endorses first-year senator Ashley Earnestin the race for Senate secretary. Taking on tasks in her firstmonth that some first-year senators never achieve in the wholeyear, Earnest has proven her work ethic and her drive to get thingsdone. Although she may lack polish and the charisma that oftenmakes or breaks political candidates, we feel that her record overthe past year proves her ability to serve as the workhorse of theSenate.

Given the opportunity to serve the student body in an extendedcapacity, we hope that Earnest will become more comfortable in herown abilities as a leader. So despite the painful puns on her lastname used in much of her campaign literature, we earnestlyencourage you to vote for Ashley Earnest.

We expect to see great things from her over the course of herHilltop political career.

Student Media Company board – Winston Cutshall

While the Ed Board normally only endorses candidates for thestudent body offices, a decision was made to make an exception tothat policy this year. The reason is that there is a candidate forthe Student Media Company Board of Directors who is uniquelyqualified: Winston Cutshall.

Cutshall has been involved with the various divisions of SMCsince his first year at SMU. In the past three years he has servedin senior positions at KPNI radio and the Rotunda yearbook, and hasbeen a regular photographer for The Daily Campus. No othercandidate for the SMC Board comes close to Cutshall’s level ofcommitment to, and understanding of, the Student Media Company. Heis by far the best choice for the job.

Each voter is allowed to vote for two candidates for StudentMedia Company Board of Directors. The Editorial Board stronglyendorses casting one of those two votes for Winston Cutshall.

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