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Advertising Club welcomes new members

Don’t mess with Ad Club Photo credit: SMU Advertising Club Facebook

30 members of the Advertising Club discussed plans for the new school year in the Umphrey Lee Center Advertising Lounge on Tuesday Sept. 4.

Romaner leads the board of the Advertising Club as president and acts as a liaison between the school and the Advertising Club. Romaner does not want to present herself as superior to fellow members. Rather, she works with everyone to create a student community passionate about advertising.

“I told them at the very beginning that I don’t want to be on top of anybody; it’s just to sort of get involved and make it better this year,” Advertising Club President Dayla Romaner said.

It is now easier than ever to get involved in the Advertising Club. In the past, students were required to fill out an application and pay a fee to participate. This year, Romaner is changing it to be more welcoming by creating a tight-knit community of advertising students.

The Advertising Club is the only student-run club dedicated to the field of advertising on campus. Its main goal is to prepare members to graduate from SMU with the necessary skills and knowledge for the advertising industry. The Advertising Club does this through its advertising-inspired events such as career building workshops and professional panels it offers throughout the year.

Romaner said the club plans to host two agency tours and some casual social events this semester. There’s a planned tour of the Richards Group, Super Bowl Ad off and a T-shirt Design contest.

Romaner’s dream job is to be in charge of the advertising and marketing of a major nonprofit or cause-based organization.

“My dream is to use advertising to help people and better the world,” Romaner said.

Faculty Advisor Willie Baronet believes the Advertising Club is not only a great club to add to a resume but a way to connect with other advertising students, get exposure to advertising agencies and learn about the industry.

“Advertising has the power to inform, persuade, motivate and inspire people to take action,” Baronet said.

Callie Horner, a new Advertising Club member, double majors in advertising and fashion media. Horner hopes to work in the field of advertising for a high-end fashion company.

“I decided to join the Advertising Club because, as a newly accepted advertising major, I want to do everything I can to prepare myself for the real world. I also love the idea of a community outside of Greek life and my usual friend group,” Horner said.

Any student of any year who wants to get involved can follow the club on Facebook and sign up for its emails. Any questions can be directed to Dayla Romaner at [email protected].

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