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2020 Student Senate Elections: Who’s Running for President and Vice-President?

Image created using Canva. Photo credit: Cristin Espinosa

The 107th SMU student senate election will take place on Connect this week from Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. to Thursday at Noon, CST.

Candidates for Student Body President:

Lexxi Clinton

Areas of Study: Political Science and Philosophy; History, Law & Legal Reasoning, and Corporate Communication & Public Affairs
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Favorite Spot on Campus: the Law Quad
Platform: I’ve served in Student Senate for three years as a First Year Senator, African-American Liaison, Student Concerns Committee Member, and Membership Chairwoman. My job as Membership Chair consisted of running elections and filling Senate with passionate and capable people who accurately reflect the diverse backgrounds and opinions of SMU’s student body. My platform is based on three areas I’d like to see major growth in: transparency between students and administration, the student experience – highlighting the boulevard, transfer, disability and international students ­– and inclusivity and representation for every Mustang. I will not make grand promises I cannot keep. I want to make tangible changes to the student experience to better your, my, and our SMU. For years I have attended meetings with President Turner, and on several advisory boards, behind the scenes advocating for you, and your vote would grant me the privilege of continuing to do so.

A vote for Lexxi is a voice for every mustang, and #thatsonperuna.

Campaign Website:
Instagram: @lexx.luthor and @lexxi4senate
Twitter: @lexaclinton
Facebook: Alexa Clinton
LinkedIn: Alexa Clinton

Molly Patrick

Areas of Study: Political Science, Economics, and Public Policy
Hometown: Baton Rouge, La.
Favorite Spot on Campus: Under a tree on Dallas Hall Lawn
Platform: I plan to increase sustainability efforts on campus by restarting and upgrading SMU’s recycling program. More detailed and specific bins will help students know where to put everything so SMU can begin to recycle. I promise to be transparent with the student body, just as Darian [Taylor] and I have done this past year. Requesting student representation in important administrative meetings is a must in my dedication to transparency. In addition, I am dedicated to implementing better safety standards for students. This means getting a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) on campus so victims of sexual assault can be helped right here on campus. This means increasing patrolling and surveillance during August and January and increasing the lighting on campus so there are no dark corners. Finally, I want to cultivate a better student experience by addressing the Boulevard, refunding The Shop, and expanding Donations for Citations.

Campaign Website:
Instagram: @mollypatrick624
Facebook: Molly Patrick

Brent Schmedding

Areas of Study: Public Policy
Hometown: Apex, N.C.
Favorite Spot on Campus: Virginia-Snider Commons (tusk ’em!)
Platform: Full details can be found on my website, but some of the main things I hope to accomplish are:

  • Renovate Dedman Recreation Center
  • Revamp Parking
  • Increase Access to SMU Spirit Gear
  • Set Maximum Costs for Books
  • Increase Lighting on Campus

If you have any questions, concerns, or policy suggestions, please feel free to reach out at: 919-924-2412.

Campaign Website:
Instagram: @b_schmedd and @select_schmed
Twitter: @b_schmedd

Jack Davis

The Daily Campus has reached out for platform information and has yet to hear back.
Instagram: @jmdsmu

Candidates for Vice-President:

Jack Lucas

Areas of Study: Political Communication and History
Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa
Favorite Spot on Campus: Inside the football stadium!
Platform: Together we can ENVISION a better SMU!
1. Envision spirit!
We can envision a Boulevard Experience that fosters community and excitement.
We can envision campus spirit groups that thrive.

2. Envision academic transparency!
We can envision common-sense reforms to academic advising.
We can envision enhanced class selection where students are able to see the specifics of a class BEFORE they sign up for it.

3. Envision a campus designed for students!
We can envision outdoor study spaces for students to enjoy.
We can envision an app for students to reserve rooms within every accessible building on campus.

ENVISION a better SMU, and ENVISION me as your Student Body VP!

Campaign Website:
Instagram: @jack.b.lucas
Facebook: Jack Lucas

Taylor Enslin

Areas of Study: Political Science, Public Policy, and History
Hometown: Garland, Texas
Favorite Spot on Campus: Under the Gale O. and R. Gerland Turner Centennial Pavilion (The dome has the starry sky above it and it is beautiful at night!)
Platform: My platform focuses on Transformation, Accessibility, Growth. Under Transformation, I have plans to help the Boulevard transition back smoothly, pivoting to a more transparent culture, transparency with student fees, and offer more insight on construction developments through my contacts in the Facilities office. Under Accessibility, I plan to hold the administration to their promise not to let construction decrease parking, increase mental health support, increase ADA compliance and bring back the Light Walk, and revitalize the SHOP. Under Growth, I plan to stimulate inclusivity, increase presence in the Dallas community, and promote sustainability.

Campaign Website:
Instagram: @tpenslin
Twitter: @tay_enslin
Facebook: Taylor Enslin

Austin Hickle

Areas of Study: Political Science and Finance
Hometown: Lubbock, Texas
Favorite Spot on Campus: Benches next to the “Dedman College” sign
Platform: Building an SMU that stands for:
1. Inclusivity: a campus that works for all communities.
As an example, the DFW Scholarship is one of the few scholarships designed to recruit high-potential students who cannot afford SMU. This scholarship should not go away; I will work to improve it for the most deserving students from our local communities.

2. Student Wellness: a shared commitment to practical solutions.
We are all touched by the challenges of campus mental health and sexual assault. Many campuses across the country have introduced prevention programs, student mental health committees, and peer-based support networks to support us or a friend in need. I will advocate for these services to be added to our campus, too.

3. Improved student resources with practical solutions.
I will work to provide a practical syllabus archive, a better Boulevard, a professor’s pledge for textbook affordability, and more support for the arts.

Campaign Website:
Instagram: @Austinhickle_
Twitter: @Austinhickle5

For more information and updates about officer and senator candidates and the upcoming elections, please visit the Student Senate website or follow @studentsenate on Instagram.

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