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2020 Student Senate Elections: Who’s Running for Secretary and Treasurer?

Photo credit: Cristin Espinosa

The 107th SMU student senate election will take place on Connect this week from Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. to Thursday at Noon, CST.

Candidates for Secretary:

Isaac Owens Pierre

Areas of Study: Finance and History
Hometown: Edina, Minn.
Favorite Spot on Campus: Cox Business Library
Platform: The platform that I am running on for Secretary and Pre-Major senator is simple, transparency. We are currently in an incredibly unprecedented timeline where almost everything is day-to-day. Because of this, transparency is the most vital asset we have. I believe that a lack of transparency has caused a multitude of headaches for students on campus. Whether that takes place in the form of not disclosing the need for students to pack up all of their valuables before leaving campus during Spring Break or not providing students with proper information regarding tuition reimbursements. We live in an age of surrounded by constant information, whether that be rumors or facts. The only way to properly quell hearsay is to provide students with up-to-date facts. That’s where the SMU Student Senate comes in. I promise that if I am re-elected to the SMU Student Senate I will maintain a clear line of communication with the SMU Student Body.

Instagram: @isaac_owens

Brooke Betik

Areas of Study: Journalism, Human Rights, Political Science; Graphic Design and Law and Legal Reasoning
Hometown: Ennis, Texas / Madison, Miss.
Favorite Spot on Campus: Dallas Hall Lawn (basic, I know, but literally the BEST)
Platform: My goal as Student Body Secretary is to make sure every student at SMU feels heard. The only way we can make positive change on this campus is by having conversations about what must change. For me, what I believe must change is the efficiency of our administration’s decision-making process, the transparency (or lack thereof) between our administration and students, and the communication culture between students and Senate. Check out my website for more details on these specific issues and leave any comments you might have on what else you think we need to start the conversation on in Senate this upcoming year!

Campaign Website:
Instagram: @parksandbrookereation and @brookebetikforsmusenate

Candidates for Treasurer:

Greta Felten

Areas of Study: Finance and Spanish
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Favorite Spot on Campus: Top of Binkley Garage or Diggs
Platform: My platform for Treasurer includes transparency, advocacy, and accessibility. Student Senate is responsible for allocating a portion of student fees to fund student organizations, scholarships, campus initiatives, and an investment fund. I believe that the processes we use to manage student these fees are outdated and inefficient. I’m not afraid to go against the status quo. My first goal is to be transparent with students about exactly where their student fees go, whilst pushing the administration for more tuition transparency. Secondly, as a student leader, I am committed to advocating for the various interests of our students to faculty and administrators. Advocacy means fighting for change that benefits all students, not just certain groups. Finally, my focus is to make financial, academic, medical, and professional resources increasingly accessible for SMU students. All in all, I’m committed to making change that counts.

Instagram: @gretafelten

Van Pittman

Areas of Study: Biology and Finance
Hometown: Tampa, Fla.
Favorite Spot on Campus: Dallas Hall Lawn, of course!
Platform: We all need a treasurer who has experience and has conviction to do whats right and fair, not easy. I have served as treasurer for various organizations some with budgets as big as $1M/yr, as well as a Senator and later Speaker of the SMU Senate. I can handle our Student Body’s checkbook to support Bringing Back the Boulevard all while lowering costs to lower our student fees so that they will no longer be the most expensive in the country. I love SMU and I know I can help us improve in the coming year by being more financially efficient! I would love your support so that we can improve our school together.

Instagram: @vanp43

Anu Uppal

Areas of Study: Business and Biology
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Favorite Spot on Campus: Dallas Hall – Top Floor window seat
Platform: Hi! I’m running for Student Body Treasurer and Asian American Senator! I’m committed to maintaining complete transparency with the student body as to how their student fees and tuition are allocated, allowing flex to be used at vending machines across campus and in dorms, ensuring scholarships are fairly and equally distributed to the student body, and promoting student opinion about SMU’s financials. I’d love it if you’d vote for me because voting for Anu is the right thing to do! I appreciate you and Pony up!✌🏼

Check out Anu’s Instagram for her campaign video.
Instagram: @anu_uppal_ and @anu.hope

For more information and updates about officer and senator candidates and the upcoming elections, please visit the Student Senate website or follow @studentsenate on Instagram.

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