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Hugo Chavez: George Bush’s Accidental Ally

Hugo Chavez: George Bushs Accidental Ally

It is my contention that, as a young child, Hugo Chavez’s gushy infatuation with Che Guevara resembled something like a 12-year-old girl’s fixation with Justin Timberlake during the ‘NSync years. Guevara, the fiery and, ultimately, incompetent revolutionary leader of failed Latin American communism, left such a strong impression on little Hugo, that the Venezuelan pledged himself to the noble, but nonetheless, moronic cause of defeating the exploitative demons of Western capitalism.

After leading a bumbled coup in 1992, Chavez managed to win the presidency in 1998. Promptly after his election, Chavez nationalized all Venezuelan oil and implemented a dizzying array of socialist reforms.

When not using tens of millions in Venezuelan funds to purchase unreasonable amounts of Russian weaponry or giving lame explanations and excuses for the rampant corruption at every level of his administration, President Chavez has been a usual suspect in the funding and support for dangerous guerilla terrorist and drug-trafficking organizations in Colombia and Bolivia.

However, the most unfortunate fact is that the Venezuelan president is bankrupting his country and leading one of the most resource-blessed nations in South America into an abyss of bankruptcy and despair.

Now, at a time when international support for America wanes and the exercise of moderation, political savvy and strong leadership could enable Chavez’s country to become an international power, improving Venezuela’s economic malaise, the president destroyed the hopes of his country.

Chavez took advantage of his first speaking engagement with the United Nations to stage a circus act of unparalleled diplomatic buffoonery and vulgarity. Not only did Chavez call Bush the “devil” and claim to smell traces of his sulfurous, hell-scented odor, he also said the UN is “worthless” and recommended Venezuela as a superior location for UN headquarters.

Chavez’s speech, although cheered and applauded by a foolish minority, ultimately reveals a total disregard for the honorable tradition of international diplomacy and greatly weakens his nation’s odds of gaining a seat with the UN council. In his disgrace of diplomatic convention, President Chavez’s actions favor Western interests, as the silent majority of the nation’s presiding over the UN council will surely vote “No” for a Venezuelan seat.

Chavez’ clownish outburst, coupled with his summer travels, which culminated in alliances with the worst governments in the world, Belarus, Iran and North Korea, indicate to eminent world leaders that the leadership of Venezuela is unfit to actively participate in the management and administration of global conflict resolution that is critical to the survival and progress of humanity.

The greatest irony is that Chavez’s ill-advised, anti-Bush/anti-capitalist rant advances the interests of the Bush administration, as the members of the international council will surely give a bid to a Latin American nation that practices sounds diplomacy and works to strengthen global harmony, as opposed Venezuela, which suffers from the misguided leadership of a dangerous and delusional communist.

Now, in the aftermath of Chavez’s political embarrassment on a global stage, it is more likely that Guatemala, a much less controversial candidate, backed by U.S. support, will win a seat on the council.

At a time when the United States needs international alliances more than ever, Hugo Chavez’s foolish performance ensures the advancement of American interests. Thanks to Hugo, the West will prevail.

About the writer:

Tim Lloyd is a junior English major. He can be reached at [email protected].

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