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Upgrade your significant other and give the perfect gift, style

Once again, the time of year has come when all my friends pick my brain about what to buy their other halves for the holidays. While I’m in no way advocating the notion of changing someone, I understand when he or she wants to give their boyfriend or girlfriend a little nudge in the right direction-improving grooming and sophistication. There are lots of ways to make it happen, but here are some of my personal favorites: magazine subscriptions, clothing for men, a beer tasting adventure, accessories for women or a simple gift certificate. All of these options help you achieve your goal of “upgrading” that special someone, while giving them the gift of holiday cheer.

Number one on my favorite holiday gifts for your man is a magazine subscription. Subscribing to GQ or Details is a must. Both of these magazines provide essential reading for every guy and are a great way to get his brain moving on the important topics of grooming and physical health. The other option is to leave dog-eared copies of Vogue Homme around your apartment, in hopes he’ll morph into some catwalk model-not very realistic. Between GQ and Details he will still get to admire his three favorite things: women, cars and the latest gadgets. Also, the magazine will emulate the perfect counterbalance of highbrow fashion and style tips. No matter how manly your man may be, I guarantee he will get excited when he gets his first magazine in the mail.

Number two on my favorite holiday gifts is clothes and accessories. Most men are simple and easy to figure out. They just have an attitude against shopping, and as a result end up wearing the same stretched out T-shirt or underwear with the hole in the waistband because something in their brain just doesn’t say “Oh no, this just won’t do. Off we go to the store!”

For centuries, the holidays have been the ace up every woman’s sleeve to get her other half into some more respectable duds. However, women need to be careful about splurging on things he won’t wear. Doing so can end up being costly, and may put him on the defensive. You think he’ll look darling in a salmon colored, French cuff shirt and some fitted jeans. But if you blindside him by your purchases and then demand he wear them to your family’s roast turkey feast, that darling outfit will be sent to the back of the closet. The key is to keep it simple. Loafers – no longer just old man shoes. With cool styles and hand-burnished finishes, loafers look great with everything. Also, you can “suggest” a new pair of drivers; they are just like a loafer, but with a comfy rubber sole and heel protection.

Crewneck sweaters-very versatile, so when he wants to wear his new polo shirt, he can layer it with a luxe sweater for extra warmth. These sweaters can be worn with dark wash jeans or dressed up with a pair of slacks.

Cufflinks-classy gifts that add the perfect finishing touches to a man’s wardrobe. Whether you choose zodiac sign cufflinks, sports team’s cufflinks, or plain silver-tone, he’s going to love them…you might even be able to slip him a monogrammed pair!

Aviator Sunglasses-show him he’s a “top gun.” Popular brands include Ray-Ban, Oakley & Serengeti.

For women, fashion is pastime. Here are a few tips for buying a gift for a stylish lady: Be careful about giving clothing if you aren’t sure of her size-buying a size too small or too large can be seen as an insult. As a rule of thumb, if the size isn’t written in letters, the person for whom the garment is intended really should try it on.

Instead of risking buying the wrong size clothing, it is easy to find an accessory that fits any woman, regardless of her body. While you still have to worry a little about whether your taste matches hers, buying a designer piece such as Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton or my new favorite, Balenciaga, is a sure way to satisfy her accessory craving. However, the best way to make your fashionista happy is with a gift certificate to her favorite store, to the mall, or even a shopping trip on you.

Trench Coat-one of the easiest runway looks to pull off in real life. This look is a trench coat inspired by Louis Vuitton and the trench coat is pretty and feminine for 2007. Paired with a billowy scarf and the perfect platform shoe with patent detail, it’s effortlessly chic.

Clutch Bag-perfect for any event or an evening out on the town. I love Kooba: small, yet charming, these little bags will help the stylish woman stand out in the crowd.

Designer glasses-a lovely pair of designer sunglasses will really be her favorite fashion accessory that she will be able to wear all year round. Check out styles from Christian Dior, Chanel, Gucci and Oliver Peoples.

Wallet-a vital part of any woman’s purse, and comes in different shapes and sizes. While classic women’s wallets come in leather, you can opt for micro fiber or nylon wallets too. In fact, a sleek women’s wallet makes an excellent gift. Personal favorites, the Prada Nappa Gaufre Continental wallet, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, the always classic Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

Remember, not all presents have to be wrapped. Number three on my list is a beer tasting. Instead of just simply telling your man about your arrangements, write “beer tasting” on a card or meaningful item. My choice for a beer tasting is Old Monk in the Knox- Henderson area; there are so many different kinds of beer from all over the world, you’ll be surprised how many places in our area carry some exclusive and exotic tastes.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you get your significant other, but it never hurts to give your guy or gal an “upgrade” in his or her look-just look at the Orbit girl. Happy Holiday shopping!

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